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    Everyone: Sorry for my earlier post. I’ve taken a beating the past couple weeks with move-ups, shortages, etc. and of course for those that were there last night, the mini A-bomb explosion. Was feeling a bit sorry for myself and unleashed on you all. 😳
    Again, my apologies. I’m feeling better now.


    woa woa…
    who’s unleashing now?!!
    this isn’t one of those move up parents is it?
    man, I miss one night and poof…first Rich and that cruiser thing now this..
    stop picking on the officials, unless they are outright calling you a J.O., relax , we’re trying to have some fun on our BMX bikes, don’t suck it out!


    ah, see, ya miss a race and miss all the uproar. Near fist fight, lots of screaming, couple people called out, parents stepping in to stop the near melee. I’m more hated than before. 8)
    shoulda been there.

    ps: started as a rider disagreement, then grew from there.


    i would think 99% of riders/ or parents know that a regional or national is an nbl event and is not a local race. most people ask before they shell out the $35 to find out what the race is for? what points it goes towards, etc. i know if someone told me that the race( local) cost $35 i would ask WHY before i signed up…. so janeen some of this i think is because (now i will prob get beat up for this one) nj parents are ‘spoon fed’ information instead of trying to find out about it on their own… i think janeen more than spells it out for everyone in the state to the point that no one has to THINK on thier own anymore… when we started we knew nothing and had to find out everything by reading the magazine.. ( believe me i was a points nazi at one time so i had to read everything ) it is plain and simple what points go to what just have to read the rules….

    sorry to get on the soap box but for someone at this stage of the game to blame janeen for ANYTHING to do with points because you didnt understand them is pathetic… its the end of the season people and you have had months to check this out… not talking about newbies but some of these people who are complaining( i hear it) have been around for years…

    ok thats it for me… get your races in and enjoy the few months we have left before the snow…( haha) and stop your complaining already!!


    um…it was one of us that was a little p.o’d…but I talked to the dude and we hashed it out.
    the underlying problem is that there is no “unifying” rules for all nbl state series, which there should be…
    part of “our” problem is that we look at this through the eyes of people that have been in it for years.
    and the guy sorta was a newb (even at my age we get them)
    All this chit chat just means one thing…
    next year the rules will say…
    Nationals and regionals DO NOT count at all towards your state plate.
    National and Regional pre-races count as locals.
    It’s not a biggie…and probably not a biggie because it was one of the older guys who said “hey the reason I do this anyway is to have fun” now if this was a parent…
    oh boy…..
    Are either of you ladies going to be at CJ this weekend…I need some mom footage….


    @bmxgirlmom wrote:

    ah, see, ya miss a race and miss all the uproar. Near fist fight, lots of screaming, couple people called out, parents stepping in to stop the near melee. I’m more hated than before. 8)
    shoulda been there.

    ps: started as a rider disagreement, then grew from there.

    This started over by the starting hill between an older (>20) and younger (<15?) rider after something happened on the track between the two. Then the younger kid's dad stepped in.

    A lot of he said / she said stuff and I ended up stepping in between to try and get one of them to walk away. I thought at any moment I was gonna get knocked in the head. I had to go get my kid and thats when they took it by registration and the cr*p continued by Janeen.

    It could have very well been a scene from “dad’s gone bad at Little League”. Not pretty. The adults involved need to realize just how bad they look when this is happening.


    Thanks Debbie for the support.

    For everyone else, specially Paul, I had no problem at all with your questions, they were legit. Realize that the multitude of series can be confusing, and that we probably should have spelled out a exactly which races do and do not count for the very new, and the coming back from a long layoff rider. Will fix for next season. Hey, like everyone else, I learn, or at least try to learn, something new everyday. 🙂

    Like I said, I was feeling beat down, and sorry for myself earlier and let the mouth (fingers) overrule the head. I should have pouted had a milkshake then typed.

    Sorry guys, most of you are very supportive of the work being done by all of the volunteers in the state.


    sorry if i came off a little strong but it just seemed so obvious… kind of like asking if the louisville track hosts the grands does it count for a local going towards their state series???

    maybe see if its included in the “new rider handbook” if there is such a thing for the state? or better yet on the “new and improved” njbmx website in the “new riders section”?? what do you think?


    definitely gonna add it to all the above.


    I gotta be honest here about the whole state series thing.
    I honestly never got it.
    I mean we run this thing…so you would think if you were the “best” in the state you would get to run it nationally….like a 1nj or something…
    but no.
    The only place you can run a state number is in NJ.
    If you want an “earned” number in the nbl you gotta hit your “regional” championship thereby giving bob and company more cashola.
    or you go to the grands to get your “national” number even if you’re a rookie.
    I have always and will always believe that the nbl sells people a bag of b.s. with lots of these series.
    People keep asking me if I’m hitting this national or that one and quite frankly there is just no way in hell I am giving the nbl any more money than my license fee at the moment. I’ll run locals and the state races ’cause I believe in what we are doing here, I don’t believe in what the nbl is doing, so I won’t support it.
    I vote with my dollars.
    Enough political ranting for the day.
    Revolutionarily yours,


    again this is why we need more state meetings so we can come up with stuff….
    and absolfreakinglutely no running out if it starts “raining”.
    That BLEW Dale and myself AWAY!
    Like do you care about this sport or what?


    How bout this for a state series
    Three track right?

    Max qualifiers three

    Min qualifiers two

    Max locals four

    min locals two

    Those are the only races you can use, no Warnicke, no using another type ( e.i. a local for a state, or a double ), none!!!!
    This will keep things simple and there will be no questions, as there is nothing to question
    Bill’s rule- KISS= keep it simple stupid


    what did people do when it was 10 locals and 4 state qualifiers?

    honestly- why have a state series at all??( sarcastic tone) its hard i know for the riders to get the state races in if you do nationals but if you cut it down even more the local tracks suffer.

    much of the prob comes from rainouts when you cant get your races in.

    you get the right to choose local/ state/ reg/ nat…no one says you have to do all of these. the reg series is for folks who dont want to travel that far for the nats but want sometihing a little bigger than the state…. i believe thats why it was set up…not for the national riders to do all the nationals and all the regionals and states then complain that they cant get any locals in for the state series because there are too many races..its called pick and choose you cant please everyone… if you spend all your money on every race thats your choice 😯 crazy but it happens…


    FYI Here are the state series qualifications from some of the other states.

    State Series Rules from other states:
    California: Must compete in 6 of the State Qualifiers. Those riders racing in fewer than 6 qualifiers can only race the Championship in Open Class.
    Nevada: Award of State Ranking will be based on each rider’s BEST five (5) State Series points, plus the State Championship final race points, and contingent upon verification that the rider has participated in a minimum of eight 8 local races. For the benefit of Riders who have emergencies or other pressing obligations we are allowing One(1-maximum) of your qualifiers to be Non-Participating Qualifiers, with Zero (0) points, at the $30.00 Fee.
    Arizona: you must race 2 of the 3 qualifiers and the championship.
    Alabama: you must race 5 locals and 2 state qualifiers.
    Georgia: 2 State Qualifiers and 8 local races.
    Virginia: In order to participate for Virginia State Series rankings, a rider must also compete in at least four (4) of the State Qualifier events listed above
    Indiana: 2 of the 3 qualifiers.
    Pennsylvania: 4 qualifiers.
    New York: All riders must participate in a minimum of (6) NYS local single point races from any of the track’s that are part of the NY State Series if more than (6) races are run throughout the season your best (6) will be used for the championship.

    Connecticut: You must race a minimum of 10 times at any combination of tracks. Your best ten regular season races will be counted, three of which can be multiple point races. You MUST race the State Championship Race and this will be the eleventh race counted for your final ranking within your class.
    Michigan:Final state ranking will be based on a riders top three (3) qualifying scores plus their State championship score.ce


    MY point was more to simplify it, as far as having all the qual, well that is okay, but then there will be people that can’t make. So some one who would be state champ if they hit umpteen races isn’t, and the second place guy gets a tittle. So is he or her really state champ!! The reason for the minimum of races is just so you can get more riders to the Pres cup

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