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    Before anyone get’s p-oed at me (like I care) I have been having a problem setting up my bike. I wanted my wheel slammed in the dropouts, but my brakes would not line up. I was told get a set of paul’s brakes. (80 to 100 dolllars) I am a poor bmx’er, so the idea of spending that much on a set of brakes was out of the question.


    Well I went to my LBS- got a set of tektro canti’s (10.00) that adjust like 990’s. Used my ODDESSEY POZI STOP and bang problem solved!

    Why am i telling this? Because you do not have to go out and spend ungodly amonts of money on a bike part. Sit back analalyze and figure out an alternative.

    btw thanx to rodney for showing me how to fix and repair brakes!!!!!!!!!! But please support the bike shop’sin jersey before you go mailorder. CJS Highgear-chip & dale- etc.


    SATANIC MECHANIC inda house

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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