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    Just wanted to thank everyone for all of their support after Eric’s crash today @CJBMX. The BMX family has really reached out to us…so thank you so very much. Here’s the update so far…Eric crushed his calcaneous (AKA your heel bone). He is home for 7-10days and then will require extensive surgery to put it back together. There was too much swelling for anything to happen now..otherwise they would not have enough skin to close it. So…until then,lots of Pecocet, rest and watching Jerry Springer! It’s either laugh or cry…so I choose to laugh. **it happens! Thanks again and we’ll still planning on seeing everyone next weekend at the regional.
    Pam Yuhas


    get better buddy


    Eric’s crash happened in the main event of 30-34 Expert/35+ Novice. They had 11 riders today. I went up to announce the main event so I saw it happen.

    Eric called me tonight and was surprisingly in good spirits all things considered. I guess the one bit of sunshine I could give him was he had the snap on the rest of the main. He came out on fire, and with the inside line had the advantage. Its just unfortunate the first jump had other plans for him. He said this is probably it, no more racing, but I also know it all depends on how things mend. The racing bug is a hard one to shake. Still, he said it will be 3-6 months of recovery after he has his surgery. Who knows?

    I want everyone to know that his son Ryan came up to the tower and asked if he could say something over the loudspeaker for his dad as Eric was being attended to. It may have been hard to hear, but he said something to the effect of “dad, you were really doing good, I’m proud of you, hang in there.” Amazingly Ryan seemed to take it all in stride. Whether or not Eric races again he will always be his kid’s hero.

    See ya next week Eric.



    so sorry to hear this. get well soon and just let us know if there is anything that we can do



    Craig had that those guy pumped up on so much adrenaline from telling everyone they were the originators of the sport, I’m almost surprised they didn’t plow through the first jump.
    Whenever one of us goes down it’s rough on all of us, ’cause we all realize we are one bump or some loose dirt away from eatin it.
    I do have some good news, I got an excellent shot of Eric leading one of his motos with everyone trailing behind.
    Well, good news for Eric, bad news for all the guys who were trailing behind.
    Rock on bruddas!


    Bummer Dude 😡 😡 😡 get better quick

    MX unleashed is a great time killer 8) 8)


    I was at the botton of the jump when it happened. I just hope he get’s better and keep’s racing.

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