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    hey seriously this is interesting crapola.
    Can you guys explain that stuff in this thread?
    I’m sure you guys will keep civil, if you wanna bust bawlz just hit up Smoked.
    It all seems very confusing. Let er rip.


    2007 SEASON
    (updated 3/27/07)

    NJBMX sponsors a State Team series at the NJBMX State Qualifiers and the State Championship. Anyone may form a team and enter to compete as a team at the state races. Teams are encouraged to have matching jerseys, as this helps promote team spirit. Total awards for the year amount to over 150% of the entry fees received. The more teams we have, the better the competition and fun! If you have any questions, please contact Nancy Haugh at 609-268-7279, or email at nancy@njbmx.org.

    Creating, registering and updating a NJBMX state team:

    1. Any licensed NBL rider who plans to race the NJBMX State Series may be part of a state team. If you have a team that includes riders from other states, this does not mean they cannot be on your team, however, if they do not plan to ride in the NJ State Series, do not include their name on the roster you turn in to NJBMX.
    2. A team roster must be turned in to Nancy Haugh at the first state qualifier in which the team enters the team competition. Commitment forms must be turned in for each rider as well. The signed commitment form must be turned in before that rider can be used on a team sheet. If a rider is under 18 years old, a parent must also sign the commitment form.
    3. Riders who are not already on a current season’s state team roster are eligible to be added to a team seven (7) days prior to the race in which he/she will be competing (excluding the first race where the initial roster is turned in).
    4. When a rider leaves a team, the team manager and/or the rider must notify Nancy Haugh, in writing (either paper note or by email), of the change in the roster. This rider is ineligible to ride for another team for two (2) State Qualifier races after the notification is received. A rider cannot be added to a new team roster without notification from the previous team manager that the rider is no longer a member of that team.
    5. If a rider is re-classified (for example, moves down from expert to novice), that rider cannot be used on any team sheet in any class until he or she returns to their original proficiency.
    6. Each team member should be dressed in a team jersey, if possible.
    7. All team rosters will be frozen as of August 1, 2007.

    Rules for Entering a Team Sheet at Races:

    1. Team managers may enter up to two teams per race. Only the best of the two scores will be counted.
    2. All team sheets must be signed by the team manager or his/her designated representative. All team sheets must be turned in to an NJBMX State Team representative, with the $15 entry fee, prior to the start of the race. Sheets turned in after the 1st gate drops will not be accepted.
    3. The best scored team sheet must be turned in to a NJBMX State Team representative within 15 minutes of the completion of the race or it will not be counted for that day’s competition.
    4. Each team sheet shall consist of a maximum of 4 riders. If there is at least one girl on your team sheet, you may enter 5 riders on the team sheet. The four (4) highest rider’s scores will count towards the team score.
    5. Only registered riders who are at the event may be used on team sheets.
    6. A rider may not be used twice on the same team sheet, even in two different classes.
    7. A rider may not be used in the same class on two different team sheets.
    8. The following maximum number of riders per class may be included on any given team sheet:
    a. Four (4) Pros, Experts or Novices
    b. One (1) Rookie
    c. One (1) Open
    d. Two (2) Girls and Cruisers, combined
    9. In the event that a race is cancelled due to rain/weather, any team entry fees that were submitted will be refunded.

    Scoring a Team Sheet:

    1. Each rider on a team sheet receives points for the 3 motos they race as follows. Note that 7th and 8th place only applies to pro/opens with 8 riders to a gate.
    a. 1st place = 50 points
    b. 2nd place = 45 points
    c. 3rd place = 40 points
    d. 4th place = 35 points
    e. 5th place = 30 points
    f. 6th place = 25 points
    g. 7th place = 20 points
    h. 8th place = 15 points
    2. In the event that a race is shortened to the two (2) moto system due to weather, the 3rd moto finish should be entered on the team sheet as the best finish from the first two motos.
    3. The total scores for the best 4 riders are added together, and this is the team score.
    4. There are no points for mains, since not every rider will have a main.
    5. In the event of a tie in total team scores, the tie will be broken in the following order:
    a. Most number of 1st place finishes.
    b. Most number of 2nd through 6th place finishes.
    c. Most number of riders by classification in the following order from highest to lowest:
    i. Pros
    ii. Experts
    iii. Girls
    iv. Cruisers
    v. Novices
    vi. Rookies
    vii. Open
    d. Most number of riders by classification as in (c) above, by age, with oldest riders ranking higher than younger riders.
    6. Team sheets that are turned in will be verified against scoring sheets at the completion of the race.

    Awards for the Race Day:

    1. All teams that enter a valid team sheet are eligible for awards of the day. Awards will be given to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place teams for each race day. The awards shall total 100% of the entry fees for that race. This includes the State Championship race.
    2. Unless there are unusual circumstances, the top 3 teams from the race will be asked to ride in the parade lap for the next State Qualifier race.

    Awards for the State Series:

    1. There are 8 State Qualifiers. For each team, the best five (5) team scores from the state qualifiers, along with the State Championship team score will be counted towards the year end total team score.
    2. Ties in total season team scores will be broken by how the teams placed at the State Championship.
    3. Any team that enters at least one State Qualifer, and the State Championship, will be eligible for year end awards.
    4. Year end awards will consist of a 50% payback of the total entry fees for the season, plus trophies for all eligible teams.
    5. The season standings will be updated after each qualifier and posted on the NJBMX website.



    yo that does not look like fun to me brah…


    Rule for scoring team sheet results. As per Janeen, just now posted on NJBMX.org, here is the rule:

    “Posted: Thu May 24, 2007 2:34 pm

    They are scored as they cross the line for team sheets.”

    I figure lets post this now so there is no confusion going forward.


    did i miss something? of course they are scored as they cross the finish line…

    what is the question?


    ok sorry…. l just read your post craig… regardless of who is combined ( nov/ experts etc) you are scored as you cross the finish line for team sheets ( motos only count) regardless if its 8x with 9nov when you do a team sheet its score as you finish…

    jeremy was used in open class on sunday not in cruiser so dont worry the sheet was fine.


    Like I said in my other post, I apologize for jumping the gun. I read MacDaddy’s post too fast.

    This is why we have “moms”, to keep this sh*t straight! 😀


    im sure ant and a few others had the same question… hey i heard dave did his first sheet in eht like the aba does… picking the riders befoe the motos were posted…now thats a real tm!!!

    unless you ask you will never know,.

    word to the wise… it sometimes helps to ask the rider(if they are older)/ parent if the rider you are considering for your team sheet is “on” that day… you never know they could be sick, in a funk and not feel like racing..they could be concentrating on open rather than class, they could have had a fight with their gf, hung over, whatever you never know…. not to put pressure on them for the sheet but i always found its better to know ahead of time you can tell them you are “considering puttng them on” this way no one knows if they are on( if they are younger they dont need that pressure) oh they will tell you no way dont use me today .. if they are not in the mood…

    just a thought.


    I don’t think this team thing was put together by a group of riders…
    This is some seriously nutty stuff.
    How about…all the T.M.s get a meeting and pow wow on how they think team stuff should be run?

    <closet anarchist


    When and where? hey how about my……. aw forget it you guys don’t like me that much. Brittles does have a good idea though.


    mrs smith, thats how i thought you did a team sheet, take the riders you think will do good.. not look at the motos and find out.. thAt way is like cheating.. pure crap

    but i took my best riders and we got 4th, WITHOUT looking at the moto’s..


    Dave i don’t like that rule either. I think it sucks monkey balls, but we have to put up with it. I will never use that method. When we have everybody moved up(real soon) we will do the right thing. Decide amongst the team who is gonna be on the sheet for the day.


    well now i do it the cheating way.. haha

    i mean the legal way


    Being able to look at the motos gives you a chance to see who will at least be competitive. For instance, my son Kyle is a fast 7 nov, but if he gets combined with 9ex he doesn’t have much of a chance!


    oh geez..racing faster kids makes you faster..

    i think you have a team .. pick the ones you THINK or KNOW will do good.. yhou should get to look who has the easy moto.. but whatever

    ill take it cause i cant change it..

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