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    Okay, I know they will score our best 10 locals and our best Warnicke, but since Pottstown got added, is it your 4 best state races, or 5 best?

    Plus the Championship, of course.

    Someone please confirm for me.


    As if life is not confusing enough….

    Here is an overview of the requirements for the 2007 NJ State Championship Series. Printed versions will be available at all tracks.

    # of REQUIRED Races:

    Locals: 10 Single Points
    Qualifiers: 3 Double Points
    Championship: 1 Single Points

    Total Required Races: 14

    # of Races that will be COUNTED

    Locals: 10 Single Points
    Qualifiers: 5 Double Points
    Championship: 1 Single Points

    Total Counted Races: 16

    All Bob Warnicke Scholarship races can be used as single point locals to meet your 10 local requirement.

    Riders who are short 1 local race may choose to use a State Qualifier as a single point local provided it does not leave them short of Qualifiers.

    Riders and parents are wholly responsible for knowing how many races they have towards the Championship.

    Registration Fees:

    Pre-Registration: $15.00 Points only (no award)
    Post Registration: $20.00 Points only (no award)

    Trophy or BMX Bucks: $25.00
    By PRE-REGISTRATION ONLY Forms must be received by mail 14 days prior to the race.
    No trophy or bucks registration after cut off date, or day of race.

    16 & Over Money Opens: $20.00 100% payback
    ***MUST RACE CLASS TO RACE OPENS*** No exceptions!

    $5.00 additional fee if registering during late registration from 10:30-11:00am. No registrations taken after 11:00am.


    Qualifiers and Championship:
    9:00am -10:30 am Saturdays
    9:30am -10:30 am Sundays
    10:30am -11:00 am LATE REGISTRATION BOTH DAYS added

    Special Notes:
    If a rider qualifies for the Championship and is unable to race it due to illness, injury or other valid absence, he or she can still earn their state ranking (last place in their class) and qualify for the President’s Cup by sending a letter to the State Clerk within 7 days of the Championship stating why they cannot race.


    Of coarse, the quals to ride my backyard. Own a bike, simple


    BIll Iam so gonna come up their one sat. Maybe i can get some the south jersey boy’s to ride up with me. Hey I got room.


    give me a little warning so I know to be around, but yeah it rocks, check out the new pics on myspace


    so exactly how much money do we have to spend to get a stupid computer printed number plate?


    No mention that regional races don’t count. I don’t think they count as a local either. Glad they cleared that all up!


    the pre race on fri night before the regional used to count as a local(for that track) and it was either double or triple points for anyone who is keeping track of regional pts.

    we used to keep track of all that it was a pain but forced you to “know” what pts were used for what… they keep changing and adding more each yr so you have to really read the fine print . locally they let you substitute the state race for a local if you dont have enough( or a bw race too) that is a big help for those who cant get enough locals in and want to race the championship.


    As if life is not confusing enough…


    @BIGANT-DOG wrote:

    BIll Iam so gonna come up their one sat. Maybe i can get some the south jersey boy’s to ride up with me. Hey I got room.

    not sure where bill lives but maybe we can do a NYC ride and hit bills in the same day ???


    Now thats an idea. I may have a Jam the sunday after the ABA nats in PA, get a few plates made to give out like one for best trick, on for best run, and a few to just give out


    i can win most consistent case


    Case of what? Something better than PBR, please. —


    I thought Dave was a lawyer now or something like that, with all this talk about cases!!!!!


    This jsut in, to add to te already confusing state series rules
    1. One race must be in a snow storm in july
    2. at least two races must have a pack of elephants, and one pink zebra run across the track, best two will count however, and if a leprecaun is involved it will count double
    3. an alien kidnapping a rider DOES not constitute a restart, do your best not to get rounded up
    More to follow

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