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    Since I’m sure most everyone wants to know what happened at the meeting I figured I’d toss out a few highlights. The most important thing I am going to say though will be all the way at the end of this little “report”.
    First off a lot of questions have been raised about where the money goes for the state series and as I expained before, right before me in b&w was a comprehensive report that showed where all the money is going and quite frankly with our current state of low rider counts it is not pretty. (I.E.: We need to get out there and bring more people into the sport to get our rider counts up and more money into the state to get more cool stuff going.)
    Bottom line, as I have said before, is that everything is cool and it was actually very nice of the board to come out and explain a few of the things to me and the other guys and gals that were there that I wasn’t understanding.
    So questions about where the money goes are easily explained if you want to know more than that, you can ask me, or Scott, Nancy, Janeen….and if you don’t know who they are I’ll introduce ya, they’ll be more than happy to answer questions.
    Buses to Pres Cup: I got more info to get to Craig, but this will come together by early Oct.
    Hotel rooms at Pres Cup: Jeff Morgan said he will give it a shot to get something going, but it is contingent upon a few things beyond his control. We’ll know more in a few weeks.
    Jerseys: Rich Farside will have a price and graphics at the end of the week I believe, Rich can clarify that himself.
    New stuff for this year:
    Podium at the awards (get to work Pete, lol)
    banner for the riders at the awards (Brett you slacker, move it)
    P.A. System for the state series. (Dave Kapigian and Mr Filippone are looking into it)
    State trailer could use some work: Anyone care to step up?
    Laptop to be used just for the state series. EHT’s is currently doing double duty.

    Now for a few things.
    A lot of people come on here and like to blast this or that and yours truly has a tendency to get caught most easily in the middle at all times because I really do care about BMX.
    Wanna know how to get something done? Step up. This may sound crazy but everyone involved right now is in my opinion fully into and open for new ideas, (heck after to talking with Jeff after the meeting, a few of the ideas that were brought up to me now sound a little crazy, but what the heck, we’ll give it a shot)but they can’t do it all.
    Wanna get on the board? They have elections, you need to be a licensed nbl official for a period of time.
    How do you become an nbl official? Come to the track, show a sincere interest, do the right thing, (basically that means doing, you can bitch and do, but if you just bitch then no one will take you serious.) then we can get a few nbl “official” classes going. Wanna know more than ya gotta ask me, and actually I have to ask a few people about this as well.

    The NJ BMX website will become next year the official place to get news like this. How to become an official, when meetings are, minutes of meetings. I will also continue to try to figure out new ways to disseminate information to everyone, that to me personally, seems to be where things need a little work, and I’m saying this to everyone, ’cause I know you are all going to be reading this, this I take as my personal responsibility, to keep people informed with truth, not rumors, not hearsay, just reality.
    A good question was asked today at the state meeting.
    Who am I? Why are you here? Who do you represent? Do you have any kids?
    All legitimate questions.
    I’m just a rider, who loves BMX….probably a little more zealously than most…ok… borderline crazy.
    For some reason from the people in charge to the riders just hanging out at the track, they’ve sorta started to trust me and my intentions, even though I may go off and do something occasionally stupid, my heart lies only with what to do to make BMX better.
    So you all wanted to know what goes on at a state meeting, well now you have a better idea, thanks to trust.
    I just googled NJ BMX.
    Guess what, this site is the #4 site that comes up.
    What does that mean? When people look up NJ BMX they will be coming here, and that will begin to mean, sponsors, politicians, riders, parents, who knows who else.
    It’s time to make ourselves look like we know what we are doing.
    Honest questions.
    Honest answers.
    Complaints? Sure
    Polite answers. Expected.
    Petty bitches. nah.
    calling out? what’s the point, go have a heart to heart with the person.
    We have quickly become a focal point for BMX in NJ.
    The olympics are coming.
    Let’s step up our image.
    Any questions will be answered below.
    And could you try to word them as questions?

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