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    as taken from njbmx forum- posted by janeen..

    if you can pass it along that would be great…
    Posted: Tue Oct 23, 2007 10:03 pm Post subject: 2007 State Series Awards Ceremony

    Date: Sunday December 9th
    Time: Starts promptly at 11:15am. Be there by 11am. Food and riding will follow the awards ceremony.
    Place: The Incline Club (indoor skate park-bikes are allowed), Lakewood, NJ.

    All riders who qualified for State Plates by racing the state series and the Championship in class, Pros who qualified for plates and High Point winners (top 3 Rookie, Novice, Expert, Cruiser and Girl) are urged to attend.

    State Jerseys, # Plates, High Point Awards, Rider of the Year Awards, Team Awards, State #1 Rider Awards, etc. will be presented.

    Anyone not able to attend should make arrangements with a friend to pick up their awards, especially the Jerseys if you are going to the President’s Cup.

    Parents from each track are asked to bring dishes to serve.
    Flemington Parents: Main dishes
    Central Jersey Parents: Main dishes
    Egg Harbor Parents: Desserts and Salads
    Trilogy Parents: Drinks, Chips, Snacks.

    Please email me with 1) are or are not attending and 2) what you are bringing.
    This process has seemed to work very well. We end up each year with a wonderful variety of foods with few duplicates if everyone emails. My email is
    Janeen at jrldr4443@netscape.net
    or you can email
    Lisa at Lah1mom@aol.com



    why the hell does it have to start at 11 am???????

    why cant it be an evening event?


    Evening is probably prime time at the skatepark, and racers are used to being at a track sunday morning.


    Who voted on rider of the year?
    oh well, good for them.
    is the park open to all during the banquet or is it shut down just for the racers that morning?


    Hey everyone, I am on the awards committee (for the FIRST time, so dont bash me).

    What I have learned from my experience on two committees is the need to have a vision for the FOLLOWING year NOW. If I choose to be involved on the committee again next year, the goal will be to get started on this now, and see what needs to be done to RAISE & allocate more money. Its all about setting goals. I am not taking anything away from what has been done up to now, just stating that I believe we can do more and make next year even better. To do this we need MORE people to step up. You cannot expect the same couple of people to handle this year in year out and then expect a 5 star-over-the-top-blow-your-mind event just because you think its suppose to be that way. In other words, if you are not satisified, then next year lend a hand and help out.

    I believe we will deliver a quality event. The main challenge is the three members of the committee live far away from each, but I guess its nice to have one representative each from the north, central and south.

    We did look at several ideas for this year and The Incline Club once again was our best choice. The start time was set to accomodate the request I got from ALOT of riders and parents: to have the awards ceremony without any riding going on during that time. According to what I was told, open riding will not start until about 12 noon and we are being given about a 45 minute time frame.

    So PLEASE arrive ON TIME so we may start the awards PROMPTLY at 11:15am that day – PLEASE!!! Lets all work together to give this event a positive vibe and build on it for next year, thank you.


    That’s real cool. It’ll be nice to be able to chill and get it done.


    Brett, you have the date wrong on the events calendar. Its 12/9, not 12/10.


    Thanks for getting my back. —


    is this when we get the hc jackets also ??????


    no the hc jackets are typically given out at another place and date specifically for this track only. each track does their own track awards ceremony.

    i would like to know if anyone knows if the next state meeting is going to be held after the awards banquet? isnt that when it was held last yr?

    i will email lisa heath tonight but craig if you know already can you post since you seem to be the one with the knowlege lately —


    where do you go to find out what you got as far as state points go. i tried to go to njbmx.org but i didn’t have an account so it wouldn’t let me see.


    jim i would go to the njbmxforums site. there should be a link off njbmx.org( at least there used to be)

    i think i saw the state points posted there under state info. i believe you got #1 so you definitely get something ( is it gear bags this yr? sounds cool)


    17-24 EXPERT



    Craig sorry bro but you are starting to sound just like some of the people that sit on the NJ board with your post.

    WoW a whole 45 minutes to give out awards. Is this what the riders worked all year for?

    As far as not having enough time to plan a banquet for this year, well this was brought up at the January and February state meetings. So I don’t want to hear there was not enough time to plan such an event. I have tried to talk to some of the board members about this but I seem to get no where. I have offered to do all the leg work to make this happen but it seems to me they never want my help. As far as the need to raise money; there is enough in the state account to pay for this.

    This was one of the reasons I was attending these meetings. I wanted to improve thing for the riders. There are people claiming to be for the riders but the sad truth is they are only in it for themselves. I am tired of banging my head against the wall with the negative comments I am getting from certain board members. Every time I try to do something for the NJ riders they give me the same old song and dance.

    I don’t have a problem with Scott having it at the Incline club. I applaud them for stepping up. So before you try to turn this around I want everyone to know my problem is with the state board. It is time for a change.


    In retail business it’s location, location, location. It’s my belief that in BMX racing it’s meetings, meetings, meetings.
    Telling the committees, “you can meet by yourselves all you want”, makes nothing formal and important to get done and does not put BMX racing to the forefront of one’s mind. We tried “committees meet alone”, it does not work. The definition of insanity is….

    And I don’t want to hear “well Florida has only 2 meetings a year”, f-Florida. We do stuff our way in jersey.

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