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    Well I took some pics today. I am working on a slideshow but here are 14 of em, I have to crop and fix some but here is a taste. Please tell me what you think. I enjot photography and am thinking about pursuing this.

    I layed on the ground for this one.

    This kid had fell and was bummed but he ROCKED the rest of the day

    MY ETERNAL NEMESIS!!!!!!!!!!! (I will get you one day) LOL

    This was my best pic of the day. I always get a good shot of him.

    I really like the photography end of bmx. Boy if only antdog had a real camera hint hint. (dec 21 is my b-day LOL)


    If you can take pictures that good with a point and shoot….


    ilike the fall foliage backround.. just think what you can do with snow… lol

    what pixels do you have? what is the zoom?? it must be a decent camera for them to come out that good…


    nikon cool pix L3 5.1 megapixels


    pics are really good for that camera– we had it for a little while then i ran it over with my truck. oops. i always had a tough time with it though– so get your hands on a real camera and you should be in good shape– start putting a few bucks a week away and before you know it you will be set.


    Yeah, I am saving for a digital slr right now. Got a really good head start by selling a week of vacation time back to the company. Of course, I think I need a new helmet now.

    Look on ebay, there are a bunch on New York stores selling stuff, and they crush Best Buy and Circuit City prices. Just make sure it is a USA model, seems to be a bunch of foreign models and they are cheaper and then you only get store warranty.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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