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    It’s been awhile.. Just out here in the beautiful sun of southern California, TRYING to ride.. Just writing a book now (yep I’m a writer, imagine that!) Actually, yeah, I’m riding, but I need some new wheels!! (Peregrine Super Pros preferred) Would you believe I have the same wheels LL Cool Rodney put together for me back in ’95? Shows you how much ramp riding I’ve been doing. Before I left for GA in ’04, I was going to this little ramp spot in (west?) Orange with Donald Osbourne (this guy’s killer on street, all you riders from the Irvington area should ride with him). I saw Brian Tunney there too. Oh yeah, alley-oop 360s are a reality for me now..lol. If you guys do head to GA, check out the skatepark down in Newnan, (can’t remember the name right now hit me up and I’ll remember then).
    It’s good to see you guys still rantin’ and raving about stuff.. anyhoo, here’s a photo or two for ya:


    I’ll be taking more as time goes on for those who ‘tink I pose.. Hit me up on the Yahoo E-mail and IM ‘PositiveForceFreestyle’ Peace..and keep ridin!!!

    Master Woo.. er, Will


    It’s Bill Danner 😯


    That’s right babyboy!! How are you and the gang doing? I miss all ‘o ya’ll..
    Kiss your mom for me.. hope the pics look like I’ve been busy… cause I have!! lol Keep up the good work, the site is tight.. and tell the fellas I’m on again.. Rod, Adam, Mike! (who am I missing) Erin.. ummm.. I don’t know. Tell them to hit me up…



    HE IS BACK the end must be near


    Hey man.. how’s it goin’? How’s the riding up there? I wanna see some pictures of you guys.. Britt, are you lookinbackin’ of the half again? Rod.. I know your spins are faster than ever now.. ADAM!! simple.. U da man.
    I need pics man!!



    Are you going to come visit NJ ever


    Sure, I should be headed up there for Christmas time.. I’ll let you guys know when I’m headed up there and we’ll meet up somewhere so I can bug out wit’
    dang..getting all misty-eyed and homesick…





    Welcome back OG member of BROKEN SPOKES…………….

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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