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    Today I went to a “freestyle contest” put together by mostly riders and I noticed a laid back atmosphere, no yelling at kids for Not pulling a trick etc. In the 3 years i have been racing I have seen parents yell at their kids for not trying hard enough, “why didn’t you pump through the rythm section. At this contest parents were there but they were hanging out watching. Where am i going with this.

    If you notice freestyle used to be the bastard step son of bmx, Now it is the other way around. When feestyle was dead the riders took control. Now look where they are. I am not saying that the people who have put their time in should fade away, but if you have people who are willing to help do not turn them away. I am not talking about anyone in particular but the sport as a whole.

    I am sure if you asked for rider input they would give it. example, Before you change a track, ask the riders what they think. Do you want a track that any kid can get on and ride,or do you want a supercross style bmx track. Or what do you think we can do to bring in more riders.

    Some people think that racers can’t race and organize, Well geuss what people thought that freestylers could not run stuff, and we know how that went. I have heard that racers have approached the nbl and offerd their help but were turned away, Why is this? If i were in charge i would be asking for rider input on a daily basis.

    The on thing i told my team is that without you there is no NBL Or ABA, you are not to held hostage by any sanction. Freestyle has no sanction body and they are not doing that bad. When you go into a bike shop what do you see more of. race bikes or freestyle bikes? I talk to all of the bike shops in the area and they tell me t he same thing. Kids show no intrest in racing. Which leads me to this

    Today i realized the core group of BIKE RIDERS is the 11 to 15 year old kids. They want to jump on their bikes and ride, not have to go put on disco slippers. I asked someone why do you them if you do not like them, “Because I do not think I can win without them” Clips are not helping develop this sport. I talked to a rider today, and he said i do not wanna have to spend money on pedals and switch em when i go to the sk8park. You can see where i am going with this.

    Some of you may not like what i say but if you know me by now, that does not bother me in the least.

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