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    good guy through and through.
    This gent called me today and left me a message that really blew me away.

    No details yet, let’s just say it’s good to have people with the right heart backing ya.


    Thanks Brett. So all of you know I had a back surgery on Monday. Everthing is ok, and I should have a full recovery!!! I will say that I am board to death, cant ride for like four to five weeks. Hope to see all of you soon, keep up the tranning, and good luck.



    Cool, I didn’t want to be the guy to say anything about it.
    Thing is Rich here called me apologizing he couldn’t get to the phone to talk to me one day after the surgery…
    When I was calling to apologize to him for not calling him over the weekend.

    So calling to apologize to me was above and beyond.

    Ya see man, doc says full recovery, that means you can’t stay completely off a BMX track.

    Bill you reading this? Go get your back fixed ya punk, lol, just kidding man!


    Wasn’t my back, the Dr said that, wanted to do all this surgery, and have me out for a YEAR, then I went and got a second opion, he had another reason why, and another method that was less invasive, got a third opion, and found out about the periformis muscle. Connects the hip to the top of the femur, but the sciatic nerve runs along side, when the muscle goes, the nerve is agravated, like a back prob. As far as the herniation, well do an MRI on everyone over 35, and guess what, most probably have ONE. So I do the strecthes , and I’m almost as good as new!!!! Squated 590 last night, I’d say I’m doing Ok


    Doctors “Practice” medicine for a reason.

    Always get multiple opinions!!!! And check the history of the doctor, make sure they know what they are doing.

    I lost several months because the doctor broke my arm worse and caused nerve damage during my surgery.


    Yeah Kev, I guess that IS WHY they call it a “practice”


    Richie Rich man I did not know you were going in for back surgery..God speed on recovery..If you need help with a good routine for recovery let me know I’ll set you up…Here’s 1 question I have bro…How are you shaving your legs now LOL 😛

    Peace…Say Hi to Kim and the little ones..Let’s talk soon..



    JUst talked to him, seems in good spirits, has two more weeks of the bike

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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