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    first an apology, sorry man, I was just really wanting that footage to be perfect and I was oversweating it a bit..Sorry to you and the little woman!
    So, with that being said.
    As much as I know the aba is way more professional and has good people involved in it. Mr. Anderson’s part at the top about the pro riders, has me a bit miffed as I know the inside story on a time when the pro class got together and wanted to effect change in their class to make things better for the pros, a “mini boycott”. Well, the aba said, “whatever” and just stopped having a pro class at the next few nationals, thereby hurting the pros and making them bow to the aba’s rules. (Kevin, back me up on this)
    Not cool at all on the aba’s part, but don’t even get me started on the nbl with them not even listening at all to the pros. Maybe Dave K would care to chime in there.

    No, ya know what I’m sick of this garbage and these ego trips. Not one person who is at the top of BMX right now has a resume that I would look at if I were looking for someone to grow the sport and help the pros.
    Ya wanna know why?
    Has it grown since the halcyon days of the 80’s.
    Strangled by sanction wars and petty egotistical B.S.
    Put Greg Hill on that board.
    Put Jason Richarson on that board.
    Put Vinnie Mannino on that board.
    People ask me why I don’t race nationals…
    I will not pay someones salary unless I think they are doing the proper thing by the sport I and everyone else in my generation helped nurture.
    usac? yea
    nbl….hahahahahahahhahaha and ha!
    aba…seems like good guys but that whole pro thing has me a bit nervous.
    Let me pm Kevin and see if he can enlighten us all on that situation.


    Everybody seems to forget that, Pro’s come from little racers. Look at the pro class now, very diminished. Why? Less riders coming up, less incentive to race pro (MONEY, Or lack of it!). The tracks have detered a lot of riders from staying with the sport! The PRO’S are NOT the sport, all be it they are drastically underpaid for there efforts. If there is to be a BMX later in life, there needs to be a spur in local racing!!! Again, will the Olympics be good for BMX, who knows, it hasn’t help curling break attendance records!!!!!! Bottom line worry about what we have here, or as Jimmy Buffet said “have what you want, and want what you have”


    …and the future pros are not going to come out of the 35 and over class. 😯

    Its great that us old dogs are back, but Bill is right, the local level is where it starts!!!


    The tracks have detered a lot of riders from staying with the sport

    Was talking to old schooler John Schachel today about this.


    Whip City in Mass pulls 40 moto races, yeah there is stuff to clear, but the track doesn’t have the rep South Park has, so kids aren’t intimidated. In the most recent NBL mag, there was a section asking pros and industry insiders about tracks, and most said the wanted pro level tracks, that’s cool, but not for Joe beginner, Between that and gas prices, and the life long rookies, making it hard for newcomers to be competitive!!! Yeah this sport has issues!!!! But then so do I !!!!!


    When the ABA dropped pro open it was because the riders were signing up for it and not showing for the motos. Not really a big deal from the ABA side as they were getting the money from the entry fees but it did look unprofessional to have a ton of guys missing off the gate etc. So they yanked it for a while to get some attention from the riders. Thats the only time I know of them pulling a pro event from the races. It was pro open and not a points class. If there was another time please let me know as I have not heard about it. This one was about a year ago.

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