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    Coming back into the scene a few years one of the first riders I noticed was this young dude jamming with some killer style and a long mane of blonde hair flowing out of his helmet. Turns out, the little dude was Victor Behm. Nowadays Vic is seen all the time in NJBMX Szine and on the site. The other staple was Vic’s mom and dad always chilling with him. I got to talk to little Vic’s dad a bit before a race last year at EHT, this guy really believed in BMX and his son. You’d see him dropping gates and helping out at CJ all the time and was for quite some time an EHT mainstay. A lot of things have gone on in the past couple years in our drive to get BMX racing back to where we all believe it should be. When things like this happen everyone should pull back from the gate, take a breath and realize what we should all be trying to do in the long run.
    Grow BMX as big as possible.
    Take 5 and realize how lucky we are that we can get up tomorrow, hug the people we love, bust the chops of those we call friend, and get on our bikes and take a ride.
    In fact let’s all go take a ride for Victor and his family, I’m sure that’s what he’d want.


    all the best from the McCarthy family goes out to the Behms we are truely sorry to hear of your loss

    cancer is a horrible thing


    I am glad that I got to know Vic and his family this past year and will miss seeing him at the track. Last year at the Grands he was helping at the finish line on Sunday and greeted me with a high-five each time I crossed the finish line through out the elimination rounds.

    Our thoughts and prayers are with the Behm family.

    -The Wilson family


    so sorry to hear this— our condolences go out the the behm family

    the pawlowski’s


    The Hatem family has you in our thoughts and prayers also.


    The Matos family sends out our prayers as well.


    man, that really depresses me.. big vic was always super nice to me.. the whole family means alot to me..

    the entire bmx legend/bulldog/pbr family sends their condolences


    Our prayers are also with the Behm family

    It was nice to have him on the mic at EHT a couple times this year
    I sure will miss seeing him at all the races.

    Chris Whiley


    Vic was a hell of guy who loved bmx.


    For anyone that would like to attend, the funeral will be held on monday the 30th at 10-11 at adams perfect in north field then at 12 at the veterans memorial cemetary in estell manor. For more info contact me at bmxer901@netzero.com


    Me and my wife send our sympathy and although i do not know little vic well if he needs some one to talk too. We are here. THe same goes to his mom.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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