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    More proof we gotta get the word back out there about racing:

    Sunday afternoon I’m out-and-about with the wife and kids, doing some shopping, hitting the park, etc, all that fun stuff. We live in Parsippany, but somehow find ourselves at the Kohls in Watchung NJ.

    Long story short, while I’m in the parking lot waiting for the Mrs I happen to get talking to a couple of junior radsters, one of them has a Free Agent street/park type bike, I used to race a Free Agent, so it was cool to talk about it.

    Needless to say these guys (9th-10th grade maybe) first can’t believe someone old enough to be their dad is talking BMX with them, never mind the fact that I race. The one dude tells me that he has always wanted to see what racing is about, just didn’t think it existed here in NJ. So I set him straight on that and wrote down the website on a card for him.

    The point of the story is this: obviously this kid must be going to a bike shop somewhere in his area and did not know ANYTHING about racing here in Jersey. That has got to be changed. Yeah, I should have asked for his local shops’ name, but I did point him towards the site, hopefully he’ll show up here sometime.

    Brett, lets get those flyers so we can start getting them out there!!!


    It will be done ASAP.
    I would like to thank the NJBMX Board of Directors for all the positive input into this matter and their willingness to be open to it.
    If I knew I wouldn’t get shot at the next race, I would post their names and a picture of their faces so everyone would know who to thank for making this positive impact on the sport in NJ. 😀


    I don’t do pictures 😆


    BMX IS GREAT let everyone, know pass it on


    yeah, alot of bike shopps think bmx racing is dead here in NJ…. i went to the local beacon looking for a full face helmet … we only have one….. mini trail bikes …. why do oyu need a fullface helmet … all the bmx tracks in nj are shut down…… so i ended up ordering from dans comp….. its like the shops are trying t oput bmx racing on the back burner ….. i know, bmx racing is on the back compared to freestyle but its becasue thats the way the shops put it ……. random rant ….. enjoy 😀


    they dont wanna know about it, because its not as big as it used to be a while ago, and we need to do something to change that

    advertising and going out and talking to people about it is a great idea, brett if u want give me some flyers and ill find some spots to cover with them

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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