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    Progression is key,
    In order to make things regenerate and become fresh again, there must be change and progression.
    It’s time to move forward for many of us.
    Why hold on to that which we do not love with all our heart and souls when those who grew up doing it push forward with everything they have to make things grow again.
    Does the time not come when a person should say, it is time for the new generation to do what must be done, the passion you have for this once burned inside of me as brightly as it does you.
    Here do what you can, make it bigger and better than I ever could have. I trust you because the love you have for this is true and not tainted by too many years of thankless work.

    The end of another season of BMX racing in NJ is quickly coming upon us, at this time, I think we should all pause for a moment and ask ourselves this one simple question,

    Why do I want to be involved in this sport?

    If the answer that comes from your heart is that I truly love this more than anything and will do whatever it takes to make it bigger and better than there could be not better time to be involved than now, because I can tell you from experience that these will be the most exciting years for BMX racing.

    I’ve seen the best and worst over these past 3 years back in racing and I can tell you this,
    I know some of you are tired, burned out, and the heart you had for this years ago isn’t still there, but the fire you once had now burns in many of us, the time comes to pass the torch…
    Let it be passed.

    Timmy, Dale, Myself and Ant will be applying for officials licenses next week. We love this sport and will do what it takes to make it what the riders want. Thank you to everyone who believes in what everyone here is doing.


    how many spots are open and how do you run? Also how do you run for a spot at your local track?


    You simply ask.
    When I ask at CJ about things, people fall all over themselves to help.
    What we’re doing isn’t so much about “right now” as it is about the future.

    I believe in the people that are on the board, but they can’t be asked to do their jobs forever.
    As far as tracks….
    I can tell you that CJ has open elections every year…
    how do you think this knucklehead got to be a trustee…


    You might want to consult your local track on how they do their nominating and elections.


    i pass the torch onto the next bmx legend.. good luck top who-ever picks up that torch

    its almost out for me


    thanks dave I geuss i will have to “carry the torch”


    dude you can barely ride a bike. Man if start carrying the torch, wear fire retardant clothing for your own safety!!!!


    hey give the man some credit he had to race an 8 man gate in the 17-24x moto last weekend with those guys…takes alot of guts!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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