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    And i bet that there are people who want to see this, but because it is brokenspokes.net they won’t and that is sad, becasue all we want to do is make the sport bigger and better.

    As far as racing is concerned I know Scott comes on to get public opinions on topics.
    Vinny has told me he gets a kick out of some of the comedy in The Soup section.
    Lisa…well she may be on here this very minute and puts up posts about stuff.
    Nancy has emailed me and said she believes in all the things we are trying to do to make things better.
    So although the state board does not officially endorse this site, I would consider them all people who take the positive racing changes that we are trying to make as a good thing.

    I would say at this point in time there is a small, very small number of people involved in racing who don’t like the topics discussed here but they are few and aren’t “setting the trends” so to speak.

    As far as freestyle is concerned, everytime I go to an event, every guy there is stoked to see bs.net covering it.

    So a few people involved in racing are of no concern to the positive changes we are attempting to make, please do not continue to blow it out of proportion…

    Thanks man!




    This site has me excited about BMX more than ever, can’t wait to hit everything up this year, and meet alot of new people.


    Told this to Brett many times…….Great Job!!!!

    Howard Stern has always said “you don’t like what’s on, turn the channel”


    Was not trying to be negative sorry if it was taken that way. I was referring to all the lurkers that come here and look around and see the good ideas. But claim they do not read the site.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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