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    It seems like the pit bike races are really starting to take off. Is there anyway that for the next states series we could I hold them? Maybe take alittle time inbetween moto’s at 1 state qualifier at every track.It could even be a series and let the riders pick there own number and at the end of the 4 races award the top 3 riders with special number plates. I know brett it would have to be voted on, but it just seems that its not only the riders that race the pit bikes enjoy it but the audiance enjoys watching it as well.


    Carl man, bring it to the meeting. That’s gotta fly with everyone.
    You’re sorta putting yourself out there as the man to get it done though. I think you’d have a bunch of riders and parents jonesing to help ya though. —


    big wheel , road bikes, tricycles , how about a down hill recumbent lowrider singlespeed unicyle RACE !!!!


    when we first started at flemington they used to let the little bros and sisters of the racers ( most didnt have thier training wheels off yet) they did the big wheel races first moto down the starting hill only to a line at the end. it was really cool…

    the pit bike races are REALLY taking off. the kids love it ( and some older riders too…lol)

    im sure they can squeeze in one more moto and having a series would be great.. they were supposed to have one at flemington this season but they cancelled most of them on hot days or for whatever other reasons…

    i say let the pit bikers ride!! its letting them be creative and it dosnt cost an arm and a leg to get one either… just a little time browsing garage sales …

    seems like next yr will be the year of the series..(if all goes well) if they continue with the pro am open, then the young guns open now the pit bike series… gives the riders a chance to put some spark back into racing…


    Don’t forget to bring the Pit Bikes to the Iron Man Classic at CJ on December 2.


    I figured id have to be the one to try and get it going, it just seems that the nj bmx state series is getting stressfull. Adding in the pit bikes here and there would give some people a chance to relax and make it like a half time show type thing. The pit bike races have come and gone in the past 7 yrs. It wasnt till this past year that it actually stuck and is really catching on. It may bring back some of the fun in bmx.


    Pit bikes King of old school and the hyper pro am. I think next year is gonna be good.


    i think me and whiley might build a sidehack and run it in the pro-am next year– open wheels, no one ever said how many!!

    everyone enjoys the pit bike races, riders and spectators alike.


    i am almost done with my 21.50 tt pit bike and i still look like magilla gorrilla.

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