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    I was reading the thread about the old General Tour. It took me back to 1980 when I met Phil Finkle somewhere maybe the Red Pony Indoor not sure. Me and Phil became best freinds, even though he lived on Long Island (NY) and me in PA (Just outside Trenton).

    I used to go up to house and his mom was the best. She knew I was addicted to Mt. Dew and always had it when I stayed up there lol. Phil and me both lived BMX. Over the winter I would race “Red Pony Indoor” in Lakewood.
    Basically it wa a barn U in U out very tight track I thinkit had one dirt jump that was mushy as cow dung and some wood jumps- and you know what? We all loved racing it anyhow!

    Phil was the only one I knew who could out bunnyhop me. I could bunny hop a 20 inch tire, he could bunny hop my bike. Once we were hanging out in Vineland and he rode his bike off the roof of my car, over my winshield and dropped of the hood and rode out of it.
    (What was I thinking he coulda dented my car , broke my windshield and I was 2 hours from home.)

    Im sorry you guys saw a different side of Phil. I lost touch with him when I rode my bike across America.

    I also noticed you had pictures of the General Tour. I have no pictures of Red Pony Indoor, Phil Riding off my car or anything. We always rode and no one bothered to take pictures. Man you shoulda seen me and Phil at the Cherry Hill NJ skatepark!!!! Had we taken pictures BMXA may have ran them we were getting so much air jumping out of the snake run.

    But we rode… never took pictures. I havent seen or talked to Phil since 81 and dont even have a single pic of him or us riding together.

    Guys- take your camera with you!!


    Phil was cool, I remember him and Tony Caringella from the Armory days, they were nuts at jumping! I had no problem with Phil…the other guys that were on tour with him before I replaced him though were a little upset with him.
    Be that as it may, it’s because of Phil that I was able to get on tour, so…thanks Phil!


    I think I got stoned with him at the 4-h fair one year…………


    general bikes was in east rutherford, right next to my town.. haha.. i remember going thru the dumpster there and getting bike frames out of the trash, hahahahahhahaha


    I remember throwing a couple of those pieces of crap in the trash. I wish I kept those broken junkers and sold em to the posers on Vintage……..

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