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    I gotta run so I’ve got a few more things to say later but here’s what I’d like read at the meeting on Sunday:

    I’ve been racing for 21 years and 12 years as a pro. I’ve raced all over the country and announced at locals, ABA, and NBL nationals. In 97 our state series was very large and I was so well liked as an announcer that the state board wanted to make me the “official NJ BMX announcer” I had several parents tell me they liked my announcing such that the race wouldn’t be the same without it. I’ve seen what announcing can do for a race and that’s why I’m recommending the state buy a PA system which can be used for state races, regionals and special races.

    The three tracks in New Jersey have PA systems that are on par with the average track in this country. We could go along being average or we could do better. We could have a system that makes our races a real event. We could have a system that is reliable that adds to the excitement of the races, not a system that is a distraction when it doesn’t work.

    I went to Sam Ash music and talked to a professional there for my final recommendation. He recommended a system with an amp-mixer, two 15″ speakers, and a wireless headset mic for $1800. He also said he could give us a deal if we are buying the complete system and they honor tax exempt status.

    The system is as follows:

    Airline wireless headset microphone: $319.99
    microphone 1 year warranty: $30.00
    (2) EV 15″ loudspeakers: $700.00
    Samson XM910 powered mixer: $499.00
    mixer 1 year warranty: $40.00
    (2) heavy duty speaker stands: $99.98
    speaker stand warranties: $10.00
    (2) 100ft. speaker wires: $119.98

    Total: $1818.95

    The Warranties are optional and as I said he is willing to give us a deal on the entire system. Since I used to be a drummer I’m accustomed to dealing with Sam Ash, Guitar Center and buying equipment online and this price is competitive. This system is less than what both the ABA and NBL use for their nationals but it has the power to cover an entire BMX track and do so reliably without cutting out. We could buy a $500 system but it wouldn’t be much better than what we have now so it would be a waste of money. This is the system I recommend for NJ BMX.




    Add whatever you can tonight, I’ll print it to give to all our guys tomorrow.


    Sorry I didn’t get back to you guys on this but what I wrote was good enough. Hope the meeting went well. I’m in NC and had trouble getting internet access.


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