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    Look what Canada is doing for there riders for the 2007 Worlds. 2007 Worlds

    Maybe this year the US riders could get the info we need 5 months before the race and not a month ½.


    Okay, someone send this to Bob T. and the gang. Better yet, send it to Brett, he’ll get right on it! 😀

    That is an AWESOME site. Talk about getting your poop together early. Unbelievable.

    So who plans on going to the Worlds next year?? I guess I better get rocking and work towards breaking into the Expert class sometime soon!


    Graig if you send this to Bob guess what? Nothing will be done. Bob will tell you to call Gary Ellis from Adventure Travel who will tell you he can’t help you and so on. And then you will have a team manager tell you one thing on the phone but then kiss the azz of the same person he was just bashing on Vintage so he looks good and gets his free trip to Brazil.


    I hear ya Rich, thats why I said give it to Brett, ’cause you know he’d make it happen before Bob T.

    I just read your other post about the Worlds, and I have seen the previous threads. It sucks.

    I hope we do get Greg Hill on the board, and that is only going to happen if other states get on the band wagon and see that change is needed. I am curious to know how some of the other states are making out with the NBL. Do they, or at least the riders, feel the same way as us here in NJ?

    All I can say is hopefully we won’t let this happen next year.


    We’ll get this shit right…
    My life is on hold for a couple till I get through this freaking closing!


    ya know what, now that I’ve thought about this. Rich is right this garbage is never gonna end. Then it becomes, ok, ABA. Did anyone see the UCE release for next years races? ALL nbl. So, no doubt they aba will do their “fake worlds” again.
    But what makes it fake? I mean you get to the race, you win the race, you’re “world champion”
    uci…you “qualify to the race”, don’t ask me why as all that qualification means NOTHING on the day of the world championship other than putting coin in the uci and nbl pocket. So, anyway, you are at the “real” worlds, you win that one race, you’re “world champion”.
    Anyway, to the point.
    The people in charge of these BMX sanctions have got to be people who wake up every freaking morning and ask themselves, how can I make BMX better and bigger than freaking ever. If you aren’t then why do it?
    I fully support njbmx, ’cause I know you guys will listen to us and will work to get things going. Does anyone ANYWHERE else listen to the people who actually race, ride and rode?
    Shouldn’t you just be automatically wanting to hire a person with business experience, 30+ years in BMX and is a great spokesperson? (I speak of Greg) to coin an old valley girl phrase….it’s like DUH.
    I’m getting more and more fed up with things every day.
    Hold on to your short ones folks, because Generation X is about to start taking control of your destiny.


    The ABA and NBL worlds are the same, one lap, no crap. Only UCI/NBL it is organized (don’t shoot me for saying that) to get more countries there. ABA, bring your entry fee, and everbody rides together, no novice, intermediate, or expert, they are all one class


    ok my ques is this…. if you look at thier site( ENTER) then go to( ACCOMODATION) it says “book by aug 31”

    what is that?? do they mean THIS aug 31st? we find out about this usually around christmas? isnt that whent he nbl posts the travel plans? then you scramble to find flights/ etc?

    i also read that there will be probs finding hotels due to the national lacrosse team playing in the same town(victoria) as the worlds venue? so booking has to be WAY in advance.

    now maybe i am a little slow but i still dont see ANYWHERE on the nbl site a specific qualifying criteria link for challenge classes?? i even emailed the person in charge on the organizing end of the worlds( some email they have for info on thier site) and the man was very helpful he emailed me back within 24 hrs and said that my sanctioning body(nbl) has to decide that and to check with them that they dont even have it on record what that is yet as of this date….. such organization!!

    if you are going to be 17 yr old for next yr its a little co mplicated as to what class to run how to qualify and such…i want to see it in writing someplace.??? is it top 16national? earn a point at an elite race? what is it?? how can you decide if you want to go if you dont even know if you can qualify?

    not even talking about travel plans that seem to have to be made on your own way in advance. do i hear travel insurance anyone?? would that have helped the riders who got bumped on that now defunct airlines? just trying to avoid any fiasco that happened this yr.


    just trying to avoid any fiasco that happened this yr.

    When you’re tied to a train track and there is a big ol #9 freighter coming your way….sometimes it’s hard to avoid it..
    I can’t believe everyone has been letting the uci and nbl get away with this.


    Brett, I think there are some big changes for next year, and I don’t think things will be run like they were this or years past, just keep your fingers crossed

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