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    Ok, I may be stupid, but I cannot find online registration for Nationals or Regionals on the NBL site (hold back the NBL bashing, we already know!). I know it used to be available…am I missing it?


    I think where it says results for the past races and information for the current “BMX National Championship” ie: bilk racers for more money race.
    That usually contains the link to the pre-reg forms.
    Maybe after this MI race it will be back to usual.
    Of course…cash is king… 😆

    I looked around and couldn’t find it either.


    There is no online pre-reg for Regionals, only Nationals. Like Brett said, click on “Information” to the right of the National event and there will be a link to online registration for that event.

    EDIT: I just looked and the pre-reg links don’t seem to be working for the races this weekend. It may be that online pre-reg is closed at this point. Upcoming Nationals have “TBA” where the “Information” link would be. Guessing that the Info link and pre-reg links will be active for these as we get closer to the races.


    Regional Registraton is also in the BT. I will have forms at CJ on Friday night atpractice and on Sunday at the Bob Warnicke race. You can still hand in your registration then to me. Any questions or problems you can email me at Lah1mom@aol.com.


    Thanks Jeff! I was not looking forward to standing in line! See you Sunday.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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