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    explain to me you mo….
    no, no I’ll be cool..
    Please tell me why a gallon of gas has gone up 30 cents in the last 2 weeks.
    Why do these prices fluctuate upon your whim?
    Answer me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Because noone says anything about it America is a bunch of P-u—-s-ssies………..


    TRUE THAT maybe it costs to much to produce suvs and trucks soTHEY are doing it to force people to buy smaller cars or something


    Everyone stop buying gas for a couple days and the will beg us……..Its funny how Bush bad Mouths Chavez…….Chavez sells gas at 42 cents a gallon to Venezuelin citizens……………….hmmmmmmmmmmm…….WAKE UP AMERICA……….
    SAUDI ARABIA DOES THE SAME…………………………………………………..


    Politians need their campaign money That’s why.


    Did anyone see that bunch of BS when congress had “hearings” after the gas spike during katrina?
    The oil execs didn’t even show up…
    Do you know who owns Lukoil?
    Who won the cold war?


    One phrase about those hearings
    DOG AND PONY SHOW, they feel good, we still pay


    Free market economics folks.

    Do you know what the average wage is in Venezuela? 42 cents is a lot down there.

    We just have WAAAAAAAAY to much tax levied on our gas. We actually produce enough within the borders of the continental US to live on, but we sell over half our oil. They defend it by saying we help stabilize prices worldwide.

    A big chunk is the refining costs – our unions negotiate much higher pay here then what they pay folks in other countries to refine the stuff. Plus, BIG OIL has to keep the stock holders happy by turning BIG PROFITS.

    We have a free market economy, but it has its good and bad parts that we have all obviously decided to live with.

    If you go back through history – did you know it was the middle class that was at the center of almost every revolution?

    So, once the middle class gets fed up enough, we’ll have a revolution. The poor aint got the money and the rich (well, most of them) are okay either way.

    Any one gotta a couple of billion to throw at a revolution? 😉


    The chinese have a few billion people…
    I understand the market principles of supply and demand, but what strikes me as weird in the case of oil, is the incredible swings it takes. I also know about the supposed bell curve of oil consumption and how some say we are close to peak oil production.
    It’s not the “price” that bothers me, it’s the wild fluctuations.


    Plus, BIG OIL has to keep the stock holders happy by turning BIG PROFITS.


    Democracy works right up until the people who are voted into office realize they can vote themselves more money.

    Hell has a special place reserved for lobbyists who use gifts and money to get their agendas pushed through…

    Can someone get the chinese on the ball and just have them invent some type of engine that runs on like cheese or something?
    I man come on how long do we have to wait.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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