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    This was just to sweet. Found it on vintage.


    Is that bill danner racing


    Anthony Sewell.


    Got my scanner going again so this page will be building up over the next couple days:


    If you have any old pics especially from Bensalem, let me know!!!!!


    Kevin you remember ever playing “Bike Tag” at the track with a bunch of peeps. We played “Build an Army”. I was friends with another older (20+) rider that had a redline (Scott I think was his name) and I had a Boss Cruiser. this woulda been 89/90. Scott lived in Bristol/Fairless Hills area kinda. Been to his apartment (but cant remember the town). We used to play Bike tag and go to the shopping center to ride.

    I lived in PA with my sis or NJ with my dad at the time. Man he lived near this one go-go bar i used to go to. I just cant remember which one or what town. I mean I just went there for research for a essay I was writing.

    Whoa I just looked at the track on google trying to figure out where scott lived.
    They moved the gate. First it used to be up top near turn 1 if I remember right back in 80/81. Then it was moved to the bottom of the track and a huge hill was built so the first straight didn’t feel uphill.
    Now a third starting hill is built. Be cool if someone had pics of all three builds.


    Scott Holtz?


    Ya know what’s funny? I cannot remember the year or race, but I can say that I raced Bensalem one time.

    Last year I unwittingly got off the exit for the track on my way home from something and knew exactly where I was, even though it was probably at least 18yrs or more since being there. Weird, huh?


    Has to be Scott “Adios” Holtz.

    We have an arial of the old track in the registration trailer, and yes the old hill was in between turns 3 and 5 now. I will have to scan those pics in, totally forgot about them until now.

    I don’t think we have anything of the orginal layout, which is before my time. I don’t think I hit bensalem until 85 /86, I started out a Howell then we realized Bensalem had a track and it was closer.


    Maybe Scott Holtz. I think he rode a blue Redline for some reason I’m thinking. I mean Ive been to his apartment maybe 3 or 4 times. Always went with a big group street riding at the local shopping center and played bike tag. I showed them how to play Flashlight tag.

    He raced 20 and I 24 so I just cant remember his last name. Maybe if that spandex wearing, I love Klips Kapigian was around BMX he could remember. Hell he probably has pics. I still have my trophy from the 89 Bensalem Classic, I got second (WTF ??) Some one must have jumped the gate or I started backwards or something.

    you need to edit – just add the close tags
    Screw my space, you have to log on just to view a pic. use Photobucket or ImageShack to host photos.


    i got a picture from Braddock bmx on 1995. Check out my my space link


    more pics up on the bensalem bmx site



    I rember that guy scott!! he was a good guy I think Holtz is correct


    Just for you Ant 😆


    Where is that from and where was it taken?
    T is for NBA district Texas.
    Wonder who the riders are. Id guess DG Kevin Harlow but he wasnt from Texas.

    Look at the size of that starting hill. Wait one nuclear second Batman! Holy SE Racing, is that Stu Thomsen in the SE/Shimano jersey on the hill? 1979.

    Texas 1979 . I’m gonna guess Armadillo Downs or Conroe.


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