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    Have at it.
    No, “this idea sucks” comments or they will be deleted.
    I am out of this one, as I have 12 other things on my plate.
    Good luck to all!


    bottom line.. its 16 and over.. the kids will have to train and turn 16 to participate


    ok I dont understand that one.


    Neither do I? Why would you want to discourage something positve? Phantom carl come to the meeting and I will support you in anyway I can.


    How about….
    ideas from people who WANT TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN.


    Look at how small the rider count is for the younger riders. They want more out of racing. if theres nothing there than there going to get tired of it. Yes there a 16& over open but at what age do the kids get tired of watching it and want to start beeing a part of one. The kids are the future plan and simple so why not give them a taste of what its like before they reach it.


    I just noticed what rich said about the cost of the 16& over open. Ok the 15& under crowd that race will be most likly racing class as well, so thats no prob. Now the part that has me thinking is the reason why th epro open cost as much as it does. Since these riders are under 16 they can not technically accept money. So with that beeing said the cost to do the race could be lowered to $15 maybe even $10. With it beeing at that cost there should be no reason for a good turn out. Then just have year end awards for the top riders in the class and maybe gift certificates or savings bonds. As for the race awards they can be medals or somthing. medals are cheap enough.
    This is a chance to try and bring back the excitment that is no longer there for the little kids. When you go to a big race the younger croud doesnt only look up to pros but somtimes even kids that are their age as well. Why no matter what you do does it have to depend on your age. What happened to the sport beeing about the kids.


    Just do a trophy dash at each race, don’t make it an entire series, that is what the real races are for. We don’t need more titles, just more fun.

    The trophy dash will allow kids to get into a bigger group and try racing against older and different competition.


    Why do we need to add an additional younger open when there is already an open incorporated into the day’s event? Let’s build on what is already in place rather than add more.

    The open structure that is already in place is…
    7 & under

    I believe that this structure is fair and can include everyone. 7 y/o’s don’t have to race 15 y/o’s and be discouraged in doing so. We can definately suggest that prizes be given in the opens. We certainly need to build on what is already in place.


    That’s right. Everyone around the track is complaining about all this open stuff for the younger kids but does anyone realize they can race open at the local and state level and not just at the nationals? Maybe if at registration they can ask if they would like their child to race open today no trophy awarded and make it like 5 bucks or something and they can have the mix of girls boys expert rookies and novice racers. Isn’t that the meaning of open. These younger riders do not need to be put in with these older bigger faster riders to possibly get hurt and they are to young in my opinion to race for money. Just seems like to much pressure. Maybe it can be the structure that is used by the nbl and have it at the state races or locals so be it like it technically is anyway they can race it just like what your best 4 qualifiers and then maybe your best 6 locals open. And maybe have a prize for first thur 3rd place at the end of the year like Toyrus gift cards. Little kids like toys and 12-15 year olds like electronics and they have it. Just take the money from all those younger kids who register for opens and put it into a seperate account just for the prizes and the state or tracks don’t profit off of it. I think 4 of these tracks in our series can stand not to profit from the little kids open. It’s not like thousands of dollars ya know. Once again just my opinion.


    Looks like the bmxmoms win the prize for showing everyone it’s all there ready to do.

    All ya need is some people to run it and promote it.

    Utilize the tools you have, seems easy enough.


    Oh look bmxmomof2 looks like we might be taking on another project huh? What do you think? Call me ASAP


    Just give me info you need if you want to get it out there.


    I’m in too!
    Bottom line is our little guys want to race that’s why their there! You can’t make a kid get up there and just go,they do it themselves. I have never seen a kid cry at the gate because he didn’t want to go.

    They need to be motivated to look foward to the next level and so on and so on….

    Yeah people love watching the big guys race for money, but all the announcers that I have ever listened to always say (about the little guys) “This is my favorite class to watch” And I think most people agree and usually the one getting cheered on the most is the one in last place!

    Mabey I got off the subject a little but the little guys are out there too, and they should be included!

    What do we need to do?
    We’re mamma bears……don’t fuck with our cubs!


    No one showed up to support this idea last night. I would consider it shelved for the 2008 season.

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