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    NBL Track Banner contest
    All NBL tracks are eligible to win prizes in the NBL’s Annual Grand National Banner Contest!
    Attention all track operators, clerks, officials and riders: Start your creative juices flowing and help your local track design the best BMX banner! Win prizes for your local track!
    FIRST Prize pack valued over $1000.
    SECOND Prize pack valued over $600.
    THIRD Prize pack valued over $500.
    Rules 1.The maximum possible size of the banner is 3ft.x6ft. 2. Banners MUST include all of NBL Sponsor logos on this to be eligible for prizes. 3. Banners will be displayed on the fence by staging Friday through Sunday. 4. Please take down banners at night! 5. Winners will be announced Sunday morning.

    attention all tracks I know we have some talented artists in the nj. And i know alot of you are going to the grands. So help out your local track.


    what is it a banner for the track about the track or for the state? im a little confused 😕


    for the track


    each track can submit a track banner. if you have 3 tracks in the state all 3 can submit a separate banner.

    a few yrs back chris moore did one for flemigton and used some riders pics incorporated in it…it was actually pretty cool being chris did it with photography and screened it himself they said it looked “too professional”///can you believe that? it was really nice i thought… so they basically want a banner that looks “home made” not too professional like you had someone “make it”.


    Let’s have a contest and reward mediocrity.
    It looks too good?
    WTF is that?
    It’s a contest to design the best banner, so one that looks good is disqualified?
    Maybe, as Debbie would say…
    It’s just me.


    screw that.. the last few years at the grands the people who won that contest were NBL kiss asses…the hell with that……

    why dont we have a banner contest for the state teams..at the state finals..now that is a GOOD idea


    thats funny that you mention that dave …remember a few yrs back when the state teams were big…one of the prizes to the top team was a custom team banner..i think advantage used to make it…team name with sponsors logos on it..or it was like $200 towards a team banner. not a bad idea..i think the other prizes for end of the yr used to be a cooler, team tent ( ez up) etc. those were the days!!


    lets see what other people think… i give up supporting the nbl by competeing in their gay, lame contests


    you don’t have to continously ask permission to do something cool.
    Just say, hey we are gonna have a banner contest at…the state championship.
    A few of you hit up people or businesses or whatever for prizes and we’ll come up with a few VERY LOOSE rules and do it.
    If you ask Scott or Vanuch if we can do it, come on, you know they are gonna say, cool, go for it.
    This is cool and we can do it right, who wants to head up the endeavor?

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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