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    so i had to do some light fabrication at work yesterday, which is kinda rare—- but i enjoy it. as i was cutting some steel plate, the wheel slipped off and ran right over my left index finger. i lifted my hand up and my finger was smoking!!!!
    so i got some duct tape, wraped it up and kept working.

    as the day went on– the boss had heard about it and said that i should go see the company doctor. with lots of bills to pay and a good job sitting in my bay, i told him i would go as soon as i had a chance.

    near the end of the day he actually drove me there. doc was happy to say that i didn’t hit any tendons or anything, and only a minor possibility of nerve damage.

    here is the cool part– due to the way i cut my self, basiclly a stone that spins at 2500 rpm’s, the heat had cauterized(sp) the wound as i created it. there was never a drop of blood, that’s why i never wanted to hit the doctor. i always thaught if there wasn’t blood than it wasn’t bad.

    digital camera broken rigt now or i waould snap some pics.


    wow dave.. as long as youre alright buddy


    I guess you can say you are “a cut above the rest”, lol.

    Only a mechanic would find this cool. Or at least only guys. Chicks don’t understand this, lol.

    Glad you didn’t lose a finger there Dave. And as a former car dealership employee, I totally understand the $$$$ motivation to keep working on a money job.


    “scars are souviniers you can’t lose”


    We need all your fingers for you to build the ramp.
    Be careful… —


    still have em all and functioning– feeling is just a little funny in one right now– doc says it should get better– not really too bad though.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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