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    Thought you’d all get a kick out of this: took my first bike ride ever in NYC on Friday.

    I had to be on the east side (Lexington & 49th) by 7am, but more importantly wanted to get out of there quick at 5pm (we all know NYC on a Friday with a nice weekend coming up is a b*tch to get out of).

    So – my solution? Bring the 20″ (yes, my racer) on the ferry. I figure I can get back across the city at 5pm faster than any taxi or bus.

    So I put on my GHP jersey and gloves, stuffed everything I needed in a back pack, and rode both ways across the city that day. Before 7am there aint many folks in there, so I could have more fun, but man, you don’t realize how much uphill it is to Broadway until you have done it on a bike. Rush hour was a little hectic, but I got across town quick, and was at my son’s tball game by 6:30 (in Parsippany). Not bad, not bad.

    It was fun riding the city streets, just gotta be careful, those taxis do not cut you a break! I just wish I had more time to play, there are definitely some good spots to have fun!


    craig i wish i coulda been with ya.WORD


    Ya gotta picture this Ant. I was going to the Marriot on Lexington which is diagonally across the street from the Waldorf Astoria. A lot of high end business types in this area, Chase & CITI (amongst others) have some of their offices near by, you get the picture.

    …and then I come rolling through all of this on my DB (looking sharp in my GHP shirt, lol). I definitely stood out in the crowd that day.

    It would have been cool if you were there, and everyone else for that matter. Maybe, just maybe, we all need to plan a day, hit the ferry, and we all take a ride in there, find a good place to chow down, etc. It could be fun. Maybe hit Central Park, try to ride on Wall Street (aint gonna happen!), etc.


    nyc riding is the best.. now hit up some skateparks in nyc craig


    There is a commercial for BMX racing somewhere in this story I can feel it…


    Didn’t Pee Wee Hermans Big Adventure start about the same way, a guy on a kids bike 😯


    lets do it !!!!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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