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    is anyone from nj going to the thanksgiving national/regional in tenn?

    good luck to anyone who is going/ please post updates on how nj riders are doing….

    we will be staying home/ start of wrestling season on fri


    that race sucks, the track sucks.. its cold and dirty in that arena.. its a waste of time going.. stay home and save up for that rip off thats called the x mas classic


    Im done racing for awhile. 🙁


    yeah, i give my winters to the wife and kids since the spring summer and fall is taken up with bmx.

    in fact– before i came back to racing at when i was 24, my winters were taken up by wrestling and summers were for the wife, funny how things turn around. but as much as i miss wrestling, i enjoy not dieting!!!


    this is not a fun place to be in season..im sure you know what i mean..lol

    dan is not a fan of bigtime cutting…

    its certainly a challenge for the cook!! esp when you have a picky eater. what wt did you co mpete at?


    in high school and college i was in the 155 range– the class changed evey year from 152 up to 156

    for aau i was at 160–

    i always walked around at about 165-170–

    sometimes i wonder where i found the will power to cut the way i did… i don’t think i could do it now


    The outdoor track is awesome though. I taught a clinic there and my cousins live just 15 minutes from it. Good people in TN. BTW my cousin grew up in Hamilton Square, NJ. It was my Aunt that showed me a magazine and goes is this what your into? It was a 1978 BMX Action. She got it at a local 7-11 on Rt.33.

    Never saw the indoor track, but with all the fast FL coming up Im sure its a tuff race.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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