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    That’s all any of this comes down to.
    Have meetings.
    Bring forth proposals.
    DISCUSS ideas for and against.

    Decorum, civility, democracy. Shall we give this a try?
    Are we not all examples to how to do things,….to each other.

    I call for a “sargeant of arms” at state meetings. Right hand to our commissioner to keep order and civility.
    Raising of hands, points given, VOTE.

    Let’s move forward ok?


    I call for a “sargeant of arms” at state meetings. Right hand to our commissioner to keep order and civility

    Let me be the first to volunteer.


    someone else mentioned that recently..it is the proper way to do things.. no yelling screaming allowed. speak, take turns and everyone listens…

    sounds good ( in the real world the way things are done)


    I would like to know how long the meetings usually last and who calls the meetings.I would like to attend and get some insight on how the meetings are run and what gets done for NJbmx.


    I was at a state meeting about 4 years ago and it was like 5 hours long if not longer. That was in a NOvember I think.


    I am confused, (edited my previous statement) Why can’t people just realize we are trying to make things better?


    Someone needs to be nominated at an actual meeting.

    We have come this far. I would like to try to hold meetings in a proper manner.
    It is very simple.


    so i get this straight..the awards ceremony starts at 10 then the riders use the skatepark/eat… but what time does the actual meeting start? some ppl are coming just for the meeting and i would like to tell them the approx time it starts. dan may have a conflict that day but i still want to come for the meeting.

    do we only have the skate park for a specific amt of time? or do the kids ride in the skatepark while the parents / older riders have the meeting?

    if anyone can f ill me in as to what was done last yr? thanks.


    This has got to be the last year we do this. Starting with the next meeting what is going on with the state has to be posted, clearly and visibly in one official spot. Decisions have to removed from being done arbitralily.
    The NJBMX organization has to get back to understanding that it’s basis for doing everything is dependant upon voting.
    I think we made a big turning point this year and once we really clarify a few things it can be even better next year.
    The state is supposed to run like this,
    >the riders and their parents elect track officials.
    >the riders and their parents speak to the track officials on what they would like to see or they themselves are allowed to either come to a meeting and bring ideas or send a letter to the state secretary with an idea they would like brought forth.
    >these ideas are then brought up and discussed for a few minutes
    >then a vote is taken and the idea is then yayed or nayed.
    >finally a committee is gathered to make such idea a reality

    The underlying basis of all this is communication.


    I have this all figured out and will bring several written proposals to be voted on at the next meeting.


Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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