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    any report on how the jersey guys did at the regional??

    how many motos all that good stuff/?


    A REGIONAL?!?!?! In Western Maryland? Please tell me you do not care about that. That would probably be the only race smaller and less consequential than a Hampton, VA regional.

    I’ll have a small report on the national at Cedar with video. Phil won both days, Jeremy Smith showed up and won by a million bike lengths, Farside got a flat tire but apparently Bill Hayden put on the real show.


    bill hayden raced????? no fukin way!!!!

    did phil move up to AA yet?


    Yeah. “Bill Hayden, pimping since forever”, my new signature.


    cedars nat highlights already up on another site..


    wondered how everyone else did, esp since i heard it was the first larger race for this md track… yea regionals do help smaller tracks get up on their feet in case you were wondering…

    not everyone can do aba AND nbl nationals $$$$$$$$$$$

    yea im waiting to hear the hayden weekend update, come on bill lets hear it… heard he made his major debut back racing!! great!!


    The only regional that makes sense to attend is CJ’s.
    sorry I had to go there.
    Hey, not one mention of 2 racks of an open class this weekend!
    jeesh and all the moaning that was done last week! 😆


    no complaining because THERE WAS ONE!! like there should be every friggin week…
    thanks bret for lighting the fire under some of them…now if all of them would do it….. ( wishful thinking)

    we have not done a regional yet this yr so yes cj will be our first…

    i have heard a few flem locals were tearing it up… transue just moved up to expert and was pulling 2nds in mains..go get em gary!!

    just curious how everyone did is that a sin?? geesh dave not everyone is such a world traveler like yourself…



    hey you mess with the Caveman you get the club…
    Cave is just testy because NJ is not taking over BMX as fast as I said it would…

    …..did I just use the word…testy?

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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