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    okay, its apporaching quickly the Keystone National at Trilogy Park in Pottstown here is a little forcast at Friday and Saturday *August 3rd and 4th* i’ll try and look at it more and more all the way till Friday Morning
    and try and keep it updated till then

    we know the weather peoples change it on a daily bases but i just figured so here it is and lets keep it crossed it is a good nice weekend of racing
    Friday looks like the only iffy day

    Fri Aug 3
    Scattered T-Storms
    High of 86°
    Low of 65°

    Sat Aug 4
    High of 88°
    Low of 64°


    Timmy, they get tomorrow right, and you are gonna trust these clowns that far away


    haha nope the weather people are gonna have the forecast changing left and right if i had a dollar for every time they said it would rain or snow i’d be rich hell i could be weather dude walk outside look at the sky and say hey i think it will rain


    Dude, they have a dart board they throw at, and what ever it lands on that is the forecast!!!!!! Weathermen and polititians get paid to lie


    No one can be so wrong all the time and still be employed, must be nice.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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