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    For those of you who raced in the 80’s you may remember the name Mcneil, the young dude rocked the house in racing and his dad was an ace photog for Total BMX.
    Well, John got in touch with me, he likes the site and is going to be contributing a lot of old school pictures to us at, get this, printable resolution!
    I just saw some armory pics today and they look awesome.
    You’ll see the first of the shots and a little about the McNeils in the next issue of BMX Szine in March.
    The rest of the pics will follow over the coming year on the revamped site.


    John if I remember correctly was from Maryland or Virginia? He raced in a red, white, blue uniform? Maybe Hutch?

    Cant wait to see the pictures. Man if his dad took pics for Total BMX he must have quite a few 🙂 That magazine was Super BMX quality layout wise but it was all East Coast, all the time! My collection of magazines, newspapers including Total is probably still in South Jersey somewhere. (If you ever see my name on any, you know the address labels, grab them, they were stolen).



    That’s the magazine baby.
    Yea, it was a Bob Tedesco production, but like Eric said all East Coast.
    When the new site goes up in the next couple months, lots more old school pics, scans and stories will be part of the new order.


    Thruster Spring National is the race coverage from the pics I showed racing on my Patterson for Action Wheels. I didnt make the main &**^%. Crashed in first place, 16 & Over X, all three motos lol. Those days the pre race was Saturday and Sunday was the National. I have pics from that race (just a few) showing riders like Stu and Denny and Jason Griggs (Blazer). But no scanner. Not that they are good quality photos lol.

    The cover race is NOT the Spring National. Just from memory thats Bob Hunt out of Missouri, doing it for Cooks Bros. and Pennsylvania’s Matt Harris doing it for Kuwahara.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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