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    I have almost complete confirmation that this is the date we will be getting together.
    The opposition knows that we are HOT and are ready for a very…controversial meeting.
    The word on the grapevine is that indiana jones will at some point next year be HC track director.
    This meeting will bring those out of the woodwork that need to be hammered and brought to justice for their inaction to promote NJ BMX to the extent of their abilities.
    The people who and I will be honest here that are NOT on my radar are Lisa Heath and even though I don’t agree with how he was made state commissioner, Scott Cranmer. Scott does a lot for BMX in ALL aspects right now between CJ and Incline that I almost don’t want him as State Commish because he has so many other things to do.
    Be that as it is, we have all been doing our homework and know what to do. Dec 10th-Jan20th
    It’s up to us.


    If they only knew what was about to come their way. Yeah and Indy is going at some point later in the year take the track, Matt did a great job, and was for the riders, as shown in his fire at the meeting


    If anyone from “up north” does not feel like driving the whole way. I got plenty of room and secure parking at my place. you can leave your ride here and we can all roll together,. JUst throwing out the offer


    I told my wife to make sure she clears the 20th, and she informs me thats her next hair appt (color, etc.). I love my wife, but I had one word for her: “babysitter”

    I’ll be there on Dec. 10th and Jan 20th.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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