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    From the desk of Greg Hill:

    OK Im in order now:

    Jag BMX Road to Beijing Pro Series

    First event 3rd week of January

    Indy (details to follow very soon)

    $20,000.00 Elite Men minimum Pro purse

    Triple crown bonus:

    If the Jag BMX Pro Series winner in Elite Men wins the NBL and ABA Grands they will recieve a $250,000.00 bonus

    If the Jag BMX Pro Seriers winner in Elite Women wins the NBL and ABA Grands they will recieve a $150,000.00 bonus

    Amateur details will follow very soon

    The Elite Men and Women top 3 series overall bonus money will be the largest in BMX history, details to follow very soon..

    Like I said many times, this is a work in progress, it takes time and we’ll try our best to keep you all informed.

    Within a week we will announce all details regarding the return of the Jag BMX Road to Beijing Pro series event #1 to be held in Indy..Kind of a reunion to the first Jag BMX World Championships



    Why not bring back the Jag World Championships?
    This coulda been a great way to launch a new sanction to push BMX in a new direction. I predict they wont use this to push BMX in a new direction. It will be just another ABA/NBL race with a bigger Pro Purse.
    I will make the LA stop for sure but predict BMX will not grow because of the series or Beijing.
    Im saying it in 2007. BMX wont grow to the level it already achieved with the current path. Do a track count now, in one year and in 3 years then compare it to the late 70s early 80’s.
    Its not just that they are not helping a new start up like BMXL. Hell its not about me its about getting the sport back on track. Why not convince Ernie Alexander to bring back the NBMXA. Ernie was in Arizona for the legends of BMX reunion. Maybe find John Valdez and bring back the popular UBR.
    Maybe find the guys behind the NPSA and talk to the Optimists and get that sanction going. The Jag NPSA World Championship “Road to Beijing Series”.
    The Jag NPSA East Coast Championship “Road to Beijing Series” Live from the Izod Center in East Rutherford, NJ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Izod_Center
    NPSA has teamed up with Jag, Hyper, Red Bull and GHP to launch 5 new tracks in New Jersey at properties owned by the Optimists or theei members. More tracks are being planned as BMX is booming in the Garden State.
    To qualify for the East Coast Championships racers must be NPSA members and by making the main at qualifying races. Each NPSA track has one Qualifier so riders can get multiple chances to make the big show.
    New Jersey at one time was the hot bed of BMX in the Northeast. having over a dozen tracks at one time. In recent years though only 3 tracks have been running. Now with the NPSA growing in leaps and bounds a total of 8 tracks are running with more being planned. Local buisness owners are jumping on the bandwagon with the Olympics coming and the popular Jag NPSA series getting some TV coverage. The Optimists have been away from BMX since the late 80s when the NPSA closed its doors.
    Now the renewed vigor has made the NPSA the second largest sanction of BMX races in just its second year. At its current rate of growth it will take over the number 1 spot. Rumor of talks with the National Bicycle League of a merger to create the biggest sanction in BMX are numerous.

    LOL it coudla went that way. Let me dream, But Im wrong what BMX needs isn’t a new direction it is a big pro purse and bigger doubles.

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