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    ok since when can they pick and choose? there is no “extreme sports clause” in our policy that i know of? is there a clause in there that covers extreme sports that is worded as such( as such i mean that none of us can decipher what the heck it says so we dont know about it?)

    as a rule of thumb i know folks say when you go to the er just tell them you fell riding your bike( dont say racing) but i never knew exactly why or how they can refuse…

    can they refuse coverage ifyou crash during a go cart ride/ jet ski when you are on vacation, what about just riding at a skate park? um lets see…. im sure there are a ton of activities they would consider “extreme” if that is their argument….

    this really ticks me off…what do they want the kids to do stay inside and play game boy( oh then they will refuse to cover “carpel tunnel” as it was caused by “extreme” gameboy use)


    just lie

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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