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    I wrote this a while ago, probably a year ago, i was just pissed about something to do with bikes and i somehow ended up riding this.

    Whenever someone asks me the question, “why do you ride your little bike in circle for hours on end?” usually I answer, because I can do magic tricks.
    Then I sit on my bike while they make fun of me and I do nothing to support myself or backmyself up.
    I don’t need too.
    I let the riding do the talking.
    I am a super quiet kid.
    I am considered a mute.
    So anyway for riding. I ride my bike for a feeling that I can’t find anywhere else in life. I ride to make myself feel good about myself.
    Because if you think about it, I ride my bike for at least two-three hours a day. And I sit in tennis courts, parking lots, underground parking garages, random roads, beating the crap out myself to get this feeling of accomplishment. And a lot of times I have spent those two-three hours trying to land the same trick over and over again. Each time I reach failure. But with failure comes success. Without success, you can’t stay motivated. And without motivation you’ll never pick up the piece of chromoly you call a bike ever again.
    You’ll watch it sit in your basement, garage, room, shed, becoming a dust collector. And you’ll say to yourself damn man I should of stuck with it.
    But no you’ll sit alone and getting high and drunk and banging chicks left and right.
    What the hell does that mean? I don’t know.
    All I know is that the real reason why I ride is to feel the amazing feeling of accomplishment. Without it I feel like nothing.
    But you have to take the bad with the good, whether you like it or not.
    No one will hold your hand in this sport, unless if your parents really enjoy watching you sit in a parking lot for hours on end.
    It really does take a compelty diffrent mind to sit in a parking lot for hours on end then to go huck yourself of 50 sets of stairs.
    Here is my key to flatland.
    You are motivated to go land a trick because you either sat alone by yourslef in your room and thought about something new.
    So you go out and ride. Maybe by accident you learn something complety diffrent, so that keeps you even more motivated. Without that motivation nothing is going to get you back out. But you can also have a different kind of motivation, whether it be new music, new parts, a new spot. something is always going to keep you motivated.
    Its a cycle. You’re motivated. You learn new tricks. You get new tunes. You find a new place to ride. You stay motivated. And with that motivation you progress.
    Progression is going to get you anywhere you want with flatland.
    And remember this don’t copy anyone when you ride, be yourself.


    Rock on Lou!

    That piece is in the new issue of the szine….
    You did get the one I sent to ya Lou…right?


    Brett this should stay on the front page.


    yeah, i got it.
    i was really stoked.
    so were my brothers.


    Thanks man, I wish more people would contribute to stuff, it would make everything cooler.

    Here’s to your career in journalism. CHampagne


    i could write some stuff every month if you want.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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