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    for 3 days.
    Hitting eastern state pen for some haunted house fun and heading up to new hope for some relaxing and halloweening.
    The vid is done, issue 6 is printed and work has begun on njbmx.org.
    …and the prints are in for my house.
    See you guys and gals sunday afternoon.


    wow so many memories.
    Across I-95 from the old State Penn is a new Prison.
    next to that new Prison was the old Quaker City Gun Club.
    I used to work at it, starting when I was 12 and worked there when I started racing BMX.
    Eventually politicians shut down the Gun Club thinking it was unsafe next to the Prison.
    Um the GC was there for like 100 years.
    Plus if you escaped from a Prison woudl you go into a gun club full of men that know hwo to use guns, including off duty law enforcement officers?

    And New Hope, OMG that is where I worked in High School.
    “Mothers Restraunt” on main street.
    Try it if same owner the place still rocks I bet for food.
    In fact I got three New Hope guys into BMX and took them to a few races.
    Plus a few of my other freinds lived just outside of the town like I did. Kim Wolfkill, Scot Wessner and one other whos name escapes me all raced.


    Have a good time 8) 8)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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