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    Start a poll and ask the peeps if we should end the new school/mid school/oldschool crap and let us all live in unity…………

    Democraticly this would be a fair way to decide………………………………

    Brett how bout it…………………….. If everyone agrees those terms will be banned how about it??????????????????????


    Always up for a challenge. You have the ability to make polls here in your forum man, go right ahead and word it however you want.
    Let’s see the outcome.
    There really is only 1 school.
    The BMX school.


    and if I was an egotistical, meglomaniacal a-hole.
    I’d get all pi**y and be like…challenge the admin! F-you, you’re banned, blah blah, whine whine.
    But, since I like to listen to peoples ideas, because god forbid they may have something to open my mind to a thought I might like but never had had myself.
    I have Adam here to shake sh*t up…
    Does everyone capiche?
    I’m gonna say this again…
    Adam G is the guy that if everyone was sitting in a room getting pissed on and had guns pointed to their head and a guy was saying anyone complains they get shot.
    Well, Adam would be the first pyscho to say, “HEY, This sucks!, let’s start a revolution”, while all the rest of the masses just stood there and got rained on.
    We all say stuff that gets under each others skin, it’s finding the common ground that we can all agree on that allows us to progress together.
    Ok, I’m starting to freak myself out.
    Gotta go…


    …Brett, as I’m reading your post patriotic music started to play in my mind and and, and I got all teary eyed, and and, sniff sniff, and thats beautiful man!

    Viva la revolution!!!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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