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    Greetings all from hot-land. Fortunately, we’ll be riding in the air-conditiond comfort of the South Point Hotel!

    How frickin’ cool is it to drive up to this huge casino and see a giant promotion on the outdoor sign, the drive-in movie screen for the “ABA BMX Las Vegas National”, “Free Admission” with video clips of BMXers wooshing across this huge monitor usually reserved for musicians or magicians???

    This is from a post on vintage.



    more and more eh..lol


    that is connor fields dad…he gives the race updates wherever he goes…it is usually very informative and he is one of the most helpful people with travel info and things like that…

    yes it sounds like a great race… too bad we dont have any freq flyer miles left…lol


    A guy I met thru work is there. His son is like 8X and top ten NAG. and is soo close to a factory ride from Redman or Answer. He said it is awesome place for a race. The Hotel and tack are in the same building. You can eat at one of several restaurants, even go see a movie and never have to leave the facility.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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