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    Man o man do I wish I had a team sheet in at the Grands.

    I do not have all the results yet, but here is what I know so far:

    Gabe Hatem: 4th in the 7x main

    Jeffrey Eletto: 2nd in 6 Nov main

    Lee Matos: 5th or 6th in the 16 Nov main

    Tom Kuehn: 4th in 35+ Nov main

    Alex Kuehn: 6th in 5 Nov (was in 2nd, got crashed)

    I am waiting to hear results back on every one else, but some more tidbits:

    Chris Therriault: stacked moto in 9x, but he JUST TURNED Expert. He did not sandbag before the grands to go in as nov – I am very proud of him for this.

    His big sis, Angela, who just started racing this year, made at least the semis in 13/14 girls. Way to go!

    And the one thing I didn’t think to do: pay my $55 to register so I could at least “buy a plate” (ha-ha).

    Someone let me know how Farside did, I hope he won 40-44! (and maybe even 35x!)

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