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    so far they are planning on having a gate practice this sat at hcbmx as per post on njbmx/hcbmx forum site.

    as long as the weather cooperates it should be 12-3 pm

    we will try to get there after dans practice at noon…he is dying to get on the bike ( outside) so lets try to get a bunch of people there.

    anyone going to ohio for pres cup needs the track time im sure… if your not going it may be the last weekend before the BIG SNOW!!!

    forcast- sunny 42-49…not too bad break out the long jons…


    hey dosnt anyone need here have the urge to ride at all??? i just heard from the flem folks that no one showed up for the past gate practices… now i dont want to hear from anyone that there is no where to ride…if you are down at eht helping out that is understandable… but i remember years ago when we did pres cup every sat there would be a crowd of hungry racers at howell dying to take gates…whats going on??

    does anyone know tom mcmurrays phone or email? thanks dan is looking for it.


    Thanks, but no thanks


    what the hell is that supposed to mean?

    did i miss somethng?


    would love too but do not have the time.


    it was in the mid 40’s today not to windy and they cancelled the practice… post was listed as cancelled around 10:30 this morning… too bad we already left to go down… accd to fillapones the piston dosnt run well in cold weather… i wonder how eht does it for jack frost?

    anyway it was sunny and the track was in decent shape too bad we were the only ones there. what a shame…. very disapointing to say the least.


    his piston doesn’t work in cold weather WOW
    we didn’t need to know that


    How many times do I have to say this?

    You have to PROMOTE what you are doing?

    How many riders does HC get on regular race day?

    You put the word out on the njbmx board….but not your own tracks website?
    Man, people are really not gonna like me at that january meeting.

    I have a question.
    If HC has a VP of operations…(I assume that is vice president..)
    Who is the president of operations?
    It also seems they don’t have treasurer, CJ has Donna as treasurer.
    Who keeps track of HC books?


    Just needs to be ste up so that it all goes on the new NJBMX,org site


    looks like it was a nice day to me

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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