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    I have confirmation from the following people regarding being ok with using them at their track when a new rider comes up with one for their free race.

    CJBMX- Vinny Mannino as ok with the idea last year, I believe the new TD Mike Reszkowski will also be down.
    HCBMX- Loren Hamblin has said it is ok on behalf of HCBMX
    TPBMX- Glenn Knapper also gave his stamp of approval.
    EHTBMX- The njbmx promotions committee awaits word from EHT on their approval. Danke!

    The money is ready to make these 10,000 flyers up.


    Yo, looks like all the big guns are in.
    Update tomorrow!
    I wanna thank all the tracks and their directors for helping out with this.


    I still have the ones you sent me last year are those still good to keep giving out ??


    Just wanted to thank
    Vinny, Loren, Chris and Glen for their input on the flyer.
    The order will be going in this week.

    I expect lots of people handing em out!


    Thanks to Lisa Heath for volunteering to have her email on the flyer.
    She’ll be the contact info person.
    So be sure to say thanks at the races!!

    The order will go in tomorrow night, we should have them in 10 days.
    If you want some pm me with an address.


    I realized that there is a slight problem.
    njbmx does not own it’s own domain, so I am at a quandry as to what to put for a website on there.
    I don’t think I should place this order till I know njbmx has its won site.


    order is in, just had to make a couple changes.
    have em next friday.
    email to rideon@brokenspokes.net to get em.


    Just some info. I emailed Readington Twp schools and asked permission to distribute flyers in their school. I emailed the Superintendants secretary and found out all I needed was the Supers permission.

    Today I got permission to hand them out. The only stipulation was that the flyers need to state that NJBMX is non profit, so I need to shoot them through my printer at home and add this. (if anyone runs into this and needs help just ask!) Below is my email that I originally sent.

    Lets get them out there!

    My name is Loren Hamblin. I am a track official at
    Hunterdon County BMX in Flemington NJ. We are a non-profit organization and we would like to distribute flyers promoting the sport of bmx racing to
    the students in your schools. Would you be able to give me some information on how I would go about obtaining approval for this?

    Thank you.
    Loren Hamblin”


    Yo, they are on the truck and heading here FEDEX from Hightstown right now…
    should have them tonight.


    ya see, if njbmx had someone doing a site for them that was updated and current and cool what you would do now is get all 4 track directors together at one of the state races and have them all hold the flyer with the thumbs up as a gesture of cooperation and good will.

    But WTF do I know?


    (625) Three Bridges School (Grades K-3) 25 Packets of 25 ea.
    (588) Whitehouse School (Grades K-3) 28 Packets of 21 ea.
    (575)Holland Brook School (Grades 4 & 5) 23 Packets of 25 ea.
    (992)Readington Middle School (Grades 6- 8 ) 32 Packets of 31
    (20) Special Education Dept. (Send to Board Office at Holland Brook School)
    2800 total

    A question: would you dist. them in the 2 K-3 schools? [/b]


    @bmiddaugh wrote:

    if njbmx had someone doing a site for them that was updated and current and cool

    is this the “smoked” section?




    I don’t think one person involved in njbmx could handle the ribbing that we do in our smoked section.
    Just goes to show how BMXers can have fun, bust chops and still be friends.

    Again, everyone should watch the Gleasons interview on the CJBMX DVD one time.


    I thought maybe you were referring to me… 😆

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 26 total)
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