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    aba has a lot of …BMXers running things…


    I saw that on vintage, major cool


    Heres a good story about th ABA listening to riders.
    1997, the first year they had the 28and over Ex class, at the Gold cup that year, Bruce Bischoff 28and over nov, and I go to Clayton, and ask how come no 28 and over class? His reply “because the Gold Cup wasn’t a national, and that class was for nationals only” So I said”but we have more than enough to split it up, and this is alot like a national. We talked back and forth, and Clayton said he’d think about it. I figured that was that, and it wan’t going to happen. Clayton calls me over the radio( I was working for them at the time), and says come up to the trailer. “You know what” he says, “we are gonna do it” He goes on and explains that since the Gold up east one is the first one, we can do it, have the 28 and over for the Gold cup finals. The ABA will listen, cause most of their employees are x riders, or current

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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