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    I just realized that my name is all over this site…
    forum moderator – me
    every story on the front page – me…

    I just wanted to say I didn’t work it out that way, it’s just that when you design one of these content management sites you have to put in an admin name and I wasn’t smart enough to put in a generic name like “stingray rider”…and well quite frankly if I put something up that someone doesn’t like or has an opinion on I think they should know who it was.

    I just wanna say that I don’t consider this my place, it’s our place and I appreciate everyone who comes here and checks it out.


    You know you cool, man. Sides you don’t have an ego, just a rather funny shaped head,chicken legs, but no ego.


    Ego HA!! I expected to see pics of Your EHT main all over the front page but no 😕 not one !!! Must be the photographer HA HA 😆 😆


    LMAO, I will admit, I have a killer shot that PaulC’s dad took of us on my computer monitor but that’s it.
    I wish I could get more shots of the old guys, but racing and snapping shots is too dangerous!


    Well that is why you should appoint moderators………get with the bureacracy already………………

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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