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    I was just going over JD’s points after EHT and I noticed a kid in his class already capped out nationally and I have never seen or heard of him before. I start investigating and sure enough he is an Expert in the ABA who is in Novice in the NBL national points. I don’t know if he just moved up and hasn’t informed the NBL or what, but it seemed a little fishy.

    I did an internet search and he is a factory rider on the ABA side:

    XXXXX “The Superman” XXXXXX
    Ooltewah, TN
    Bike: Staats/Redline
    Class:X Expert
    Events: ABA & NBL – BMX
    2004 ABA TN State #1
    2005 ABA TN State #1
    2005 ABA Grands 6th Place
    2005 ABA Grands Open 2nd Place
    2005 ABA NAG # 8
    2005 ABA Redline Cup East #1
    2006 Gator National #1 1st Place
    2006 Gator National #2 1st Place

    Called the NBL and they are going to move him up.


    did you at least kiss him or provide the courtesy reach around?



    Pat – you’ve heard of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Now you are seeing Jesse the Rookie Slayer in action! 😈


    Evil laugh Say Hello to the Expert baby!….I hope the parental units just made a boo boo there and wasn’t doing it intentionally…. Wink


    good for you!

    too bad most of us stayed silent back in the day when our little guys were nov. if the kid is taking 1sts in the fla nats im sure he didnt “just turn up” into expert. the gator national is not a little race from what i understand plus all the fla riders there….

    like i said good for you..glad to hear some parents do the right thing. a few yrs back we found a kid in my sons group at the grands who was almost 2 yrs older than everyone else( aba rider) well a california parent knew him(from aba) and reported him to bt and guess what?? they made him race in his own age but they didnt take any points away- he raced out of class from pittsburg to ky national(at least 3 nationals) 2 yrs younger.. “oh it must have been a typo in the birthday on the pre registration sheet” what did the kid/parents forget how old he was? how can you not correct this?

    good for you!


    I caught another kid earlier in this season who had been an ABA X for over a year doing the same thing on the national level. I called in and he was moved up but kept his points. I think he was 8? He was also being run on a team that is notorious for doing this (Team Diamond BMX out of MI). They did take the national team money away from them that they won and their points. They knew he was an X and were paying for all his racing and equipment to get the garuanteed points.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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