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    still go to hcbmx ? The turn out seems low. What is the problem? Whos going the 23rd?


    i cannot go cause of work.. dammit.. i hate having to work weekends..nobody should have to work weekends


    there are a bunch of guys who go regularly( when its open) danny is going this sat, usually its martin, mulhern, transue, mcmartin

    holefully they can get a decent class or just an open if some older guys show up.

    its been closed alot of may due to the nats/ state races/ regionals..

    i know a bunch of guys will be going to gate practice starting this wed on a reg basis. they had a good group last yr who used to go every week… they are working on the rhythm in a week or so to get it finished by the qualifier…


    Yesterday, an ABA guy that does race there, asked me what the problem was> He said they were only open one weekend in May, well folks, if they are shuting down for all the surrounding events , and the kids that don’t do the regionals and Nats and such have no place to go, you lose them too!!!! Also was brougth to my atention, that the last time they were there,it was advertised as a double race, two in a day, then that got canceled !!!!!


    i dont know what happend that day but i think on the sched it says double race this sat also…

    i dont know maybe a lack of volunteers to run the race when the “regulars” are off doing regionals/ nationals??

    it is upsetting to see it only open 1 day in may…i see they are closed due to pittsburg nat also.why would that be??

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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