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    So I get a call from my neighbor at 4:00 am telling me to stay the F*** off of their property and to get who ever the hell was out the on a 4 wheeler out now! 😯 So I throw on some sweatpants (grabbed the closest thing I could find) and start walking out through the woods. Here are my wifes two cousins on my 700cc V-twin 4 wheeler buried in the mud behind the neighbors house (who were sleeping with the windows open). This thing is big and loud, the two yahoos were throwing mud 50 feet into the air. 👿 Aparently this was going on for quite some time but I didn’t hear it over the AC going and my SoCo induced comma. So I took the key and went back to the house. Left them and the quad sitting in the woods. They were camping out after the fund raiser Saturday and I guess they got bored.

    Yes, they originated from over da bridge and the keys will be locked up next year.

    Worse off is my wife cleans the neighbors house and we work at the same place. 😳

    I was so drunk I don’t remember what I said to the cousins, I’m sure it wasn’t nice. But they pushed the 4 wheeler out of the mud and woods by hand and then towed it with a truck through the field back to the house before I woke up the next morning. (lucky they didn’t get shot by the neighbor)

    This was the first time I had anything to drink in a long time, thought I would be fine and not have to police the “kiddies”. 🙄 Everyone always asks me when we go out as to why I don’t drink.



    ^ 10 foot pole. Nobody touching this one? 😆

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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