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    Did not get to see all the local riders who raced at the grands (helping on track), but did get to see some locals make it to there mains. Alot of riders gave it 100% and should be proud that they did there best.

    Just some that I remember:

    Lee Matos – I am pretty sure got 5th in the main.
    Taylor Farside – 7th in the main
    Jud Ciancio – 4th in the main
    Austin Padella – made his main in open – did not see his finish
    Justin Knapper – 7th in the main
    Jeremy Knapper – 2nd in the main
    Mike Rezkowski – 5th in main on cruiser
    Jeremy Smith – 3rd in main on cruiser
    Rich Farside – 1st in the main

    Anthony, there was a rider from your team who made his main and finished 3rd, I just dont remember the name (sorry)

    Congratulations go out to the new national #1 40-45 cruiser rider – Rich Farside

    Just the ones that I can remember, please post more if anyone can remember…..


    ive said it many many times.. rich farside is the man


    Dan Forte took 3rd in the main and Jeff Heath took 5th in the main.


    jeff jr or sr?

    either one.. thats awwwwesome


    Jeff Sr. was looking real good in his moto’s. I did not get a chance to see his main. There is a rumor that he is looking into a regular cruiser, if the rumor is correct then look out.


    Well done Mr. Farside. Congrats!


    Daddy Jeff took 5th in the main and looks like a National #3 for the year. Jeffery took 18th for the year. And, rumor is correct. Watch out for the new Cruiser.


    We had a great time at our first Grands!

    Gabe Hatem got 4th in his main 7X and 5th in his main for the 7&under open

    Jeffrey Elletto got a 2nd in his main for 6 novice and over all for the year 1st place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO JEFFREY!

    Now Gabe will have some riders in his class next summer! WooHoo!


    Anthony, there was a rider from your team who made his main and finished 3rd, I just dont remember the name (sorry)

    I watched his race on the puter, I gotta admit i got a little loud, (that what the neighbors said) BUt seeing him has given me more drive and motovation.


    Congrats to all, wish I was there.

    Wow, GHP Northeast has a National #1. Now THAT is cool! 8)


    so does pbr


    i got 4th in 17-24x main
    2nd in national points


    congratulations steve..you did well.. a factory team should definitly pick you up man..


    only made 1/16ths in 17-24x


    tim which moto were you in the first 8 or the 2nd group of 8??

    i think there were 17 groups all in all almost 120 riders… i didnt even see you there there were so many to try to watch…lol

    dan only made it to 1/4’s he got sick right before trying to make it to the gate on time… too close to run 4 rounds in 15 mins… big rush for sunday with all that extra time on sat they should ahve ran their 3rd rounds plus 16ths on sat and still would have had plenty of time for the pro races… no foresight at all. there were a few riders who didnt even go up for the open 1/4 they said they couldnt do it.. i have never herad of this before at the grands… someone didnt think ahead. the riders have to start opening their mouths and co mplaining about it… everyone complains but only to ea other and not to the right ppl. when i asked bob after he consulted erma he said if someone had mentioned this( 11 rounds planned on sunday) he would have let them run more of them onsat… DUHH>> the most impt race of the year and no one thinks of this??

    also putting capped riders in the same moto is not right. esp with almost 120 riders i think you can separate them out fairly… kelty and pope and others were all stuck together… start seeding again like years ago…

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