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    LAS VEGAS NEVADA :Ed Fountain Park BMX (ABA) last night hosted our 2nd annual (NBL) Boulder City BMX “wings”series race.
    This race series is done by BCBMX to give the overall winner of the series a round trip ticket to the NBL Grands.
    I believe that these are the “ONLY” different sanction tracks that host annual races for each other.
    The T.O.’s of both tracks have come together to make this happen.We have adopted the “Rodney King” philosophy in that “Can’t we all just get along” attitude.
    Our attitude is “RACING IS RACING” no matter where you are.So we came up with this idea to intermingle the two tracks and sanctions to run this annual race and introduce the riders to both and see what BMX has to offer.
    I believe that this the “ONLY” race of its kind in the nation and hope to see more of this kind of cooperation in the future.



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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