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    You already BUY half the stock of PBR – so whats the difference?



    good one craig


    Yeah thats one of my local tracks. I remember the year it opened. I dont think it ever averaged more than 12 motos but usually averaged 4 motos.
    This track is in a metropolitan area of about 20 million people according to Rand McNally.

    The trailers are just prefab mobile single wides.
    The track has little traffic that drives by it and it cant even be seen from the road or freeway.
    I was at the 05 race Rich. Was a good race but OMG the crashes were so hard to stomach and forget watching it from the ground. I remember one Factory Girl overcleared a camel double or tabletop into turn 3 and landed flat bottom. From a regular table top this might not be to bad. But this one was about 12 feet tall so her head and body fell about 20 feet! The jumps and berms were so huge you had to stand up high to see most of the track.

    I wouldnt pay 10,000 for the track. The track isnt even really for sale its on land owned by the city or county. Had it included the land it woulda been a deal at 100K. Had it included a track with 40 or 50 motos it woulda been good. But a track that averages under 10 motos. I just dont get it.
    For 100 K he coulda purchased land and built a track.


    From BMXmania

    Cutting Edge BMX Under New Ownership

    Answer BMX Press Release
    For immediate release from Lake Balboa, CA
    Effective April 1st, 2007, Cutting Edge BMX in Ontario, California will have new ownership.
    The new active track operator will be Kimberly Davis.
    Her many years of experience will bring a breath of fresh air to argumentatively one of the best tracks on the West Coast.
    The track will almost immediately undergo major renovations including a BRAND NEW track.
    We’re not talking about changing a few jumps, but an entirely new lay out with many unique features.
    We are also re-landscaping the entire facility to give it that professional “finished look” it once had.
    “We feel that we have enough experience to determine what needs to happen and when, to elevate Cutting Edge BMX to the level it deserves”, Davis says.
    “We will also continue to work with the other tracks in the area (Orange Show, Orange Y, and Lake Perris) to be sure the schedules all mesh and possibly helping to put on a few mini series in conjunction with these tracks.”
    We have many exciting new programs slated to excite the local and regional membership as well.
    We will unveil these programs within the next few weeks, so stay tuned for the latest at Cutting Edge BMX.


    Joey is a great guy, hopefully it will take off for him. I may drive out Saturday and check it out, renew my ABA membership if its easier then the old tracks its replacing.

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